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Are Employers and Recruiters Checking Social Media

Are Employers and Recruiters Checking Social Media?

Is your online networking impression employer friendly? With over 90% of all managers checking online networking (Facebook, LinkedIn & twitter) to screen potential job applicants, as per exploration from Reppler and Lab42, your past (and present) adventures may not be as “covered up” as you would want them to be. When examining a candidate’s resume, […]

7 Reasons Happy Losers Win in Sales

Winning in Sales - Happy Losers Strategy!

Success in sales career requires an uncommon mindset toward winning and losing. Some may call it sullen, yet those individuals essentially aren’t fabricated from a salesperson’s fabric. The quintessence of a successful sales representative is the fact that they’re upbeat failures. Before you yell. “I Detest LOSING!” listen to what I have to say. Being […]

10 Habits of Effective Millennial (Gen-Y) Employees

10 Habits of Effective Millennial Employeess

Millennials are likely the most scrutinized generation today. Truth be told, a straightforward Google search for “Employing Millennials” yields more than 280 thousand indexed results. The Millennial (Gen-Y) generation has earned an unappealing notoriety at work. We are regularly stereotyped as being apathetic or excessively demanding. In any case, as a millennial myself, I trust […]

What is an Executive Recruiter? Definition and Role

The Definition Executive Recruiter

Our Definition of an Executive Recruiter Executive recruiters, otherwise referred to as executive headhunters, are recruiters who concentrate on positioning executives within firms. An executive recruiter may fill job positions like high level management, lawyers, doctors etc., depending on their knowledge and niche experience. Many executive recruiters are skilled in a particular industry niches like […]