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Candidate-Driven Market and Recruitment in 2016

Recruitment tips for recruiter - 2016 and beyond

Three Smart Employment Techniques Intelligent companies are taking note of an increasingly obvious employment tendency: as applicants drive today’s job market, large numbers of candidates are handling numerous offers. My function being a professional recruiter gave me a first-hand view of the shifting landscape of the job search. Continually, I realize that managers who are […]

Great People Make Great Companies

Great People Make Great Companies

The 4 Elements That Make Great Company Culture “Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game- it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value”. Lou Gerstner-Jr.IBM On the business blogs and management related articles, the word ‘Company Culture’ is often highlighted. […]

Three ways to lead with the heart to boost employee engagement

Leading with your Heart - Boost Employee Engagement

The art of employee engagement is bound to be enriched with the lead of heart. When it comes to promoting employee engagement in a company, a manager’s perspective should never be deprived of trying to lead with the heart because it’s not only about keeping the employees together but also about inspiring and motivating them […]

What is an Executive Recruiter? Definition and Role

The Definition Executive Recruiter

Our Definition of an Executive Recruiter Executive recruiters, otherwise referred to as executive headhunters, are recruiters who concentrate on positioning executives within firms. An executive recruiter may fill job positions like high level management, lawyers, doctors etc., depending on their knowledge and niche experience. Many executive recruiters are skilled in a particular industry niches like […]

Top 7 Executive Search Tips for Recruiters

Seven Executive Search Tips for Recruiters

Recruiters from time-to-time need executives to fit roles and openings in their firms at varying levels. Finding the right executive(s) who both: stays in the job and, consistently meets performance expectations is the most important challenge. If, you are planning to launch a new executive search for a top-notch business executive, then, in order to […]