10 Tips for Successful Recruiting in the USA

Many SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) are taking a step higher to start the expansion of their companies. Expansion entails successful recruiting and retention of key employees. Getting it right has rich rewards and getting it wrong can be disastrous.

We have had small and medium size clients over the past 15 years and have helped them in the process of successful recruitment. Most of our clients are based all over the United States and over the years, while we have helped them grow, we have realized these top 10 tips that any employer can follow to greatly improve the recruitment success rate:

1. Devise a Focused Recruitment Strategy:

If you have not already created a recruitment strategy derived from your recruitment objectives, now is a good time to do so. Do you understand the market in the United States and the commercial opportunities available for you?

2. Understand the Employment Environment (Macro & Micro):

studying and understanding the micro and macro environment will help you cope with employment laws, salaries, general recruitment methods, notice periods etc. Line up an employment lawyer or a professional recruitment firm to write an employment contract for you.

3. Study Your Competitors Thoroughly:

Studying your industry in general and your main competitors, in particular, will aid you both devise a recruitment strategy and handle common industry requisites effectively.

4. Ensure to Have an Updated website:

Although this may sound both childish and basic, many new recruiters (first-time employers) completely miss this handy tool. An updated website can be of much assistance in handling over information to candidates. Ensure you have general information sections on the website where you can direct candidates to (if they need more information on your company). Updated websites also help portray your credibility within the recruitment process.

5. Create a Job Profile Write-up:

You or your placement agency should create a set of written information that can be sent to candidates. This will help candidates read the information at their own convenient time and pace. If you are creating this job profile yourself, ensure to include critical skill set information which is needed for the job. If, on the other hand, your recruiters (placement agency) is creating one for you, then just ensure you hire a recruitment agency well versed with your industry and has a good amount of experience in hiring.

6. Schedule the Interviews Systematically:

Looking for talent within a particular city, then, just ensure that the interview is located in an easily reachable place. If you are a manufacturer and if you are located far away from the city center, you could use your recruitment agency’s premise (if they are centrally located) to conduct initial interviews.

7. Allocate More Time For Interviews (than normal):

Plan to provide more time gaps between interviews in order to systematically handle them. Ideally, a technical interview takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Non-technical interviews, on the other hand, take lesser time. Ensure to allocate sufficient time intervals between interviews in order to cover longer intervals spent on particular interviews.

8. Use Psychometric Assessment and Behaviour Profiling:

You not only need the right candidate to have the required technical skills, behavior is equally important. You need to get right under the skin of the candidates in order to understand and evaluate their behavior before hiring them. Psychometric assessment can assist to analyze the mindset of the candidates and help to hire the right people for your organization.

9. Maintain Constant Communication with Candidates:

Keeping constant and regular communication with candidates from time-to-time helps them understand your recruitment process and time-scales. Not communicating can result in communication breakdown which can hamper the recruitment process. Frequent and timely communication is also important during the offer process, notice period etc.

10. Partner with a Headhunter with Experience:

Incidentally, JRG Partners (we) have been recruiting within the US and internationally for over 15 years! When you choose us as your preferred recruitment agency, you can rest assured that you are partnering with one of the best headhunters who have extensive recruitment experience within your industry.

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