The Information Technology Industry Overview

Over the past 30 years, the information technology industry is one of the most exponentially growing industry. By some estimates, the industry doubles it’s computing power every 2 years. Today, the IT industry plays a very important role in shaping and transforming our world. Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones are only the tip of the iceberg. The IT industry is responsible for providing software that help make our lives easier, help improve communication and provide entertainment to us. At the core of the IT industry is rapid advancement and adaptation to change. Thus, there is no doubt that the information technology industry and talent within the industry need to adopt to rapid changes very quickly. Skills, thus, keep rapidly evolving which require that firms and talent within the industry keeps upbeat with changes at all times.

Recruitment Challenges within The IT Industry

As compared with other industries that encounter ordinary growth, the IT industry experiences continuous innovation and rapid exponential growth. Thus, time management is one of the most crucial skills that firms and management within the IT companies need expertise in. The other most important trait for success within the IT industry is foresight. IT firms need to both keep upbeat with changes within the industry and, continuously innovate to bring forth enhancements that will help them gain a distinct advantage over their competitors in order to maintain their market share. While top management need time management skills & foresight, middle-management IT executives, on the other hand, need to possess in-depth knowledge and technical skills to excel. They also need to be constantly in-touch with changes within the industry in general and their niche in particular. Junior management IT executives mainly need to be well informed and skilled within their area of expertise. They need the skill-sets that will help them innovate and better perform in their respective niches.

Recruitment for The IT Industry (IT Companies)

Thus, while recruiting for the information technology industry, timely placement is of the essence. A good IT recruiter thus needs to understand this in order to provide successful IT recruitment services to its clients. Be it placement of top talent, Middle Management Executives or Junior Level Executives; top IT recruiters should understand how quickly industry technology and recruitment parameters change and should efficiently adopt to such changes. Thus for both the recruitment firms and recruitment agencies, proactive placement is of the essence. JRG Partners possess over 15 years experience of recruitment for the IT industry. We understand the importance of proactive recruitment and have successfully placed executives at all levels within IT firms. Our recruitment services have helped our clients efficiently and effectively achieve their business goals and maintain market leadership within their IT industry niche.

Recruitment in IT Departments for Non-IT Companies

With the growth of the IT sector, many firms are recognizing the importance of the presence of an IT department in-house to cater to their company’s technological requirements. Such information technology departments are responsible for two main functions:

  • ensuring the availability of both hardware and software, and,
  • streamlining and automating functions to help improve quality and reduce cost.

In comparison with professional niche information technology firms, general industry firms require IT professionals who can handle a wider array of responsibilities and possess a greater overview of the industry. They should also be well networked within the information technology industry in order to assist in bringing forth expert knowledge and advise as and when the firm may require. JRG partners understand this and have helped place information technology executives at every level within non-IT companies.

Our IT Recruitment Process

In comparison with other IT recruitment firms, JRG Partners houses the most talented and skilled IT recruitment consultants. Our processes and methodologies assist us in delivering fast and efficient placements. In comparison with placement for normal executives, placement within the information technology industry requires a recruiter to be most efficient and effective. We have access to the most up-to-date and exhaustive IT candidate database in the United States. This, coupled with, our 15 years plus IT executive placement experience within firms in both: IT, and, non IT industry; provide us with a distinct advantage. We shortlist, select and interview candidates at a pace which is unparalleled within the industry. This clearly sets us apart from other IT Recruiters.

Our Expert IT Recruitment Consultants

We house one of the most diverse and experienced information technology recruiters. Our recruitment consultants help match the right candidates for the right job profiles. All our recruitment consultants follow our company guidelines and laid down policy to ensure best-fit candidates are shortlisted for interviewing with the employers in a timely manner. Unlike other inexperienced IT recruiters, our team is well equipped and experienced to handle all your IT requirements be it top management, middle-level managers or junior level executives. Over the years we have successfully placed IT executives and professional with both: small and large companies alike. Further, we have been placing IT talent all over the US. Kindly visit or recent placements page to view our past successful placements.

Our Knowledge of the IT Industry (Local Job Market)

Every IT firm is looking for the best talent when it comes to recruitment. At various levels like: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Directors, General Managers, VPs, Marketing Executives and Sales Executives; finding the right talent provides companies with a distinct competitive advantage. We not only understand this, but also, we possess detailed knowledge of the IT recruitment environment within the US and thus, we are better positioned than other IT recruiters, to help you employ the right talent and maintain your competitive advantage.

Our Recruitment Consultants' Reach

We appreciate the importance of your team, specially if you are an IT company. In comparison to other IT recruitment firms, JRG Partners houses consultants who are well equipped and trained to – listen to and, understand your needs. The above aspects of our recruitment services along with a very strong IT recruitment team helps us differentiate ourselves from other IT recruiters and accomplish easily what others can’t.

Our information technology recruitment consultants use networking to reach out to the right candidates with the right opportunities helping our clients find the right talent. Over the years we have placed candidates with many small, medium, large size and fortune 500 companies across the IT industry. Some of the industry niches that we expertise in include:

  • Consulting Firms,
  • Infrastructure Companies,
  • Cloud Computing Firms,
  • Business Intelligence Companies,
  • Software Development Firms,
  • IT Departments in Fortune 500 Companies,
  • E-Commerce Businesses, etc.

Our Specializations within the Information Technology Arena

We house specialist recruiters for various segments and niches within the IT industry. Our consultants specialize in following information technology related practice areas:

An Example of our Successful Information Technology Recruitment

More recently we got contacted by one of our clients: A leading Healthcare Company. Their COO turned to our consultants to help them create a new Electronic Health Records (EHR) team. This new team was to be headed by a Director who would manage the unit and handle the hiring of the unit’s other team members.

Since our IT recruiters already possess knowledge of the healthcare market, we quickly and effectively placed an ideal candidate within three weeks. He, in turn, worked with us in recruiting the members of the team. Thus, within a span of six weeks, JRG Partners and our recruitment consultants helped this company launch a completely new EHR division. That is the kind of IT recruitment performance you can expect form us.

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