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The Staffing Needs of the CPG Industry

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry is well known for its high turnover. Thus it becomes imperative to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained. One is always busy making plans for expansions and may not always find the time to hire staff. Thus, it helps streamline things when companies decide to work with specialist consumer packaged goods recruiters. Below are some of the main reasons why firms in the  CPG industry should hire a recruitment agency:

Seasonal Demand and Staffing Needs

Be it restaurants or superstores, every niche in Consumer Packaged Goods industry has its fluctuations in demand. Thus every consumer packaged goods company should opt for both full-time and seasonal recruiting. Not opting for season staffing will result in risky lay-offs and unemployment payments. A professional CPG recruiting firm can help you plan your needs and employ only required personnel. Maintaining an equilibrium and ensuring optimum employee levels at all times.

Direct Hire Recruiters

Recruitment companies are not only beneficial for temp-to-hire services. JRG Partners search, interview, recommend and help recruit candidates to fill direct hire permanent positions. When you choose us as your preferred recruitment agency, we undertake the majority of the recruitment process, facilitating our “searching and screening” process which helps you save time when it comes to interviewing priority qualified candidates. We typically provide our top 3 to 5 candidates who we know are best suited for the position. We also provide a 3-month replacement guarantee on all JRG referred executive hires.

Our Range of Direct Hire Recruitment

We house a diverse, robust and, up-to-date database of candidates who fit every executive position in varying functionalities in the CPG industry. We have over 15 years of professional experience in executive search and executive placement and have helped recruit candidates for varying positions within the CPG industry:

  • Top Management (CEOs, CFOs, Board Members and Senior Managers),
  • Middle-Level Management (Department Heads, Operation Heads etc.)
  • Sales (Food and Beverage Sales Executives, CPG Sales Executives etc.)

The types of clients we have worked for in Consumer Packaged Goods industry include:

Non-Perishable Food Companies
Household Product Companies
Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Why hire us for your CPG Executive Requirements?

JRG Partners understands the exact needs and requirements for executive professionals in the Consumer Products and CPG industry. The placement services we offer are in line with the current up to date industry guidelines. Many of our recruiters have worked in hiring roles for CPG companies in their previous career paths. Our in-depth knowledge and direct industry experience set us apart from other headhunters / recruitment firms.

Below are main reasons why you should hire the best consumer packaged goods recruiters (JRG Partners) for all your CPG Industry staffing requirements:

Vast Knowledge and Experience in CPG Industry Recruitment

Every recruitment agency has their own level of expertise within different industries. We have completely focused on the Consumer Packaged Goods industry recruitment and hiring process as our top priority over the years. Thus we have been successful in developing knowledge, tools and techniques which help us identify perfect candidates for our clients. Further, we are completely in touch with the latest trends and regulatory updates when it comes to the Consumer Packaged Goods industry and we deploy the best placement practices with all candidate submissions.

Unparalleled Talent Pool of CPG Industry Candidates

Any executive search is exceptionally successful when there is a comprehensive database of talent to back it. We have access to a vast CPG professional candidates’ database which serves as our initial focal point for all active searches. It is arguably unparalleled as compared to any other recruitment firm hiring for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Our recruiters will first fully understand client role requirements and then expedite the search process, resulting in on-dot candidate selection!

Our Geographic Reach: The US and Canada

JRG Partners has successfully placed executive candidates for firms all across the US and Canada. Our clientele span from New York to San Francisco and from Dallas to Minneapolis across the US. We have also done CPG recruitment for firms in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary in Canada. Our extensive candidate database helps us identify and engage best-fit candidates across all major cities within North America. Contact us to discuss your specific CPG recruitment need and expedite your CPG talent search.

Our Placement Services are Affordable

When partnering with us, we understand that your self-recruiting efforts will be ongoing during our search contract periods, and we will ensure that any/all duplicate search efforts will be avoided. This will help ensure smooth and expeditious handling of your needs. We can handle a wide spectrum of placement needs for the CPG industry. Not many recruitment agencies or placement firms out there are as well equipped as us for efficiently handling such a wide spectrum of placement of CPG executives. Further, we offer very competitive terms for placements to our regular clients. Thus, cost-effectiveness and the time-saving methods applied by us position us as one of the top CPG recruiters.

Expert Consumer Goods Sales Recruiters

Since we have been recruiting for various functions and departments of CPG firms, we have gained immense experience and expertise in finding the right talent for the right function. Our expert consumer products sales recruiters have been placing top performing sales executives and sales management talent for top consumer product sales firms. JRG Partners has successfully placed executives with varying CPG companies all across the US including cities: Dallas, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Charlotte, New York, Columbus, Cincinnati etc. and states: Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, New York etc. Visit our past placements page here to view some of our past placements within the CPG industry.

Finding the Right Consumer Goods and CPG Jobs

JRG Partners keeps receiving job requirements from firms needing executives in manufacturing, sales, marketing and managerial functions within Consumer Products and CPG Companies. Our expert consumer packaged goods recruiters are standing by to help deserving candidates find the best fitting jobs. If you are an executive level employee looking for the right position or a job-seeker looking to get into the right firms in the Consumer Products and CPG industry, get in touch with one of our CPG recruiters and explore your possibilities. We strongly recommend befitting candidates to keep in constant contact with our designed CPG recruiter(s) in order to avail of opportunities that keep arising from time to time. Our clients are among the top CPG companies in the US and offer very lucrative compensation packages to the right candidates.