While job seekers have their own set of questions for us, we do get many questions from companies who are looking to employ them. Most of the questions that employers have are the same and thus we have compiled a list of most frequent such questions:

What kind of help can you offer to potential employers?

Helping prospective employers is our primary objective. When you first get in touch with us, we need to gather as much information as possible in order for us to help you. Much of the initial information we gather includes your industry, your company size, details about the vacant position(s), salary you are willing to offer, a broad candidate profile: candidate qualification and experience requisites etc. With these basic details in hand, we will be in better position to match your requirement with our candidate database and list our prospective employees. We then line up meetings with your interview panel and the candidates wherein you can conduct the short-listing and selection process.

What process should be followed to hire your services?

You may either call us, walk into our office or email us. We are more than willing to help you. After collecting initial requirement details and information from your side, we will start working on your requirement (this may take some time). We will be cross-linking your requirement with our candidates’ profiles. Soon as we have a suitable / matching candidate(s), we will contact you in order to line up interview(s) with them.

What types of job positions do you find employees for?

Our job offerings to job seekers vary: right from entry level, up to the highest posts. What it means to you (as an employer), no matter which job profile you are wanting to fill, we are well capable of filling it. Be it entry level executives, sales executives or someone who is capable of an advisory role for a new start-up venture, we can locate an ideal candidate for you. Our database comprises of an employee pool with a wide range of experience and educational qualifications.

What sectors do you cater to?

Although we cater to almost all sectors, over the years we have gained expertise in the staffing for the following sectors:

What are your fees?

We do not charge our candidates for placing them. However, since we provide both professional and efficient placement services to our clients (employers) there is a fee associated with each successful placement.

We offer 3 types of recruitment services:

  1. Retained – JRG will accept an agreed upon retainer upfront prior to the search engagement and then will be paid the remaining balance upon placing a new hire.
  2. Contingent – All searches taken on contingency will only require that a fee is paid to JRG partners once a candidate is hired on by our client.
  3. Engaged – Our engaged Recruiting Plan allows our clients to start their active search with JRG by submitting a modest deposit and allowing for the balance to be due at completion.

Are your charges refundable?

Since we do not charge for unsuccessful placements, the question of refunds does not arise. We only charge you as a customer when you are satisfied with our services. Moreover, since we have never been asked by any of our clients for refunds, we follow a no-refunds policy.

What is your guarantee?

We offer a onetime candidate replacement guarantee for the first 90 days of employment with the client organization. JRG Partners will provide a new candidate at no additional fees to replace the original hire.

Do you take guarantee of the employees you provide?

We generally do take all efforts to ensure that the candidates we suggest will prove worthy of your employment, it is impossible for us to be completely sure of how they may adjust with your present team and if they will be diligent.

I want to start the placement process. How can I begin?

Our process is quite simple. Simply get in touch with our team and provide us the required details. We will then short-list candidates accordingly and coordinate interviews with them. Based on your interviews, you can then hire the ones that are most suitable.

If you are unable to find your question in the FAQs section above, you can kindly email us your question to info@jrgpartners.com and we will get back to you.