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JRG Partners is one of the top executive search firms that help the corporate world by identifying and connecting the right executive talent with the right job within the US.  Our team of professional executive recruiters specializes in bridging the gap between corporate America and passive professionals/job seekers alike. Over the years, we have developed the best technology-based recruitment infrastructure. Our recruiters use this infrastructure for both their executive search efforts and for communicating with candidates (using our candidate outreach platform). We retain our position among top executive search firms owing to our infrastructure and our recruitment team. If you are looking to hire one of the best executive recruiting firms, get in touch with us and discuss your needs today!

Executive Search Firms  – The JRG Partners’ Top Advantages

We are an executive search firm covering a wide spectrum of placement of executives within a wide array of key industries. Being one of the top executive recruiting firms in North America, we have a robust database of highly skilled and experienced business professionals. We use this database to reach out to both job seekers and corporate management with alerts on a weekly basis.

For job seekers, we send out regular matching job openings and for corporate management, we share best-fit candidates. Our professional approach, strong values, integrity and quick response on each executive search  requirement has established us as one of the top executive recruiting firms in comparison with other executive search firms. Over the years, we have strengthened our position as leaders within the placement arena for top executive jobs !

Executive recruiting requires special skills. Skills which need to be both learned and mastered over time. Our experienced recruitment consultants have mastered these skills and are experts in handling all kinds of executive recruiting situations and requirements. These skills range from: clearly understanding client requirement to searching and finding the perfect candidates, co-ordinating between the employer and the candidate and finally, scheduling interviews.

Our Specialization and Approach

Being a top executive recruiting firm, our recruiters cater to large sized, mid-size as well as small-size firms in the following practice areas: manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical, CPGFood and Beverage, Legal and Paralegal, Information Technology, construction as well as retail sales. Over the years, we have specialized and gained expertise in searching, identification, selection and shortlisting candidates for the above practice areas. Our vast experience helps us ensure both: expeditious and best-fit placements every time.

Our success as recruiters of top executive jobs is attributed to our keen listening skills – We listen to you, understand your exact requirement and then shortlist the best candidates that meet your selection criteria. This professional approach and expertise has enabled us to help firms save time, energy and cost in the recruitment process on one hand and has resulted in enhanced productivity and improved performance on the other.

A Unique Selection Process

As experienced executive recruiters, we understand that every job position has its own set of needed skills. Only those candidates who possess such skills will be best fits for the posts. Unlike other executive placement firms, we never use “One Size Fits All” approach. We first thoroughly understand the objectives, skills, and responsibilities of the job opportunity and then match the best candidates for that jobs. For further information on the selection process, kindly visit our process page.

Thus, we create a win-win situation where the firm and the candidate best-fit each other and can begin a long term relationship. Our unique selection process differentiates us from other executive recruiters and has helped us gain reputation and become top executive placement firms in the US!

Cutting edge tools and techniques

We deploy latest tools and techniques and a scientific approach while searching and selecting the right candidates. Our screening process is unique and we have access to a vast pool of candidate database which is regularly updated. Searchscreening and initial selections are done my matching the skill-sets and the initial lists of befitting candidates are populated. Candidates within this selection are contacted using various digital methods and further information is sought – this information helps us make a more refined selection which helps us find the best-fit candidates for our clients. Various advanced tools and techniques are deployed by us to help both streamline and expedite the selection process at all stages.

Further, we ensure that we have access to the latest and biggest talent pool in the world. We utilize both print media and digital media to keep our database updated at all times. We have access to resume banks, job boards and other online resources including “LinkedIn Recruiter” which helps give us access to the biggest database pool around. Access to such a vast data resource helps us easily find candidates for the most challenging search(es), where, other executive recruiters struggle. Thus helping us retain our position as the best executive recruiters and our clients search befitting executives.

Assessment, Training, and Interview

Being a leading top management recruiters, we ensure that our candidates go through a stringent and thorough filtration process. We conduct internal assessments, interview training and virtual interviews before we recommend them to you.

What this means for you: You get the ideal candidates in the least possible time. Since we follow and implement basic assessment, training and interviewing, your hiring time is greatly reduced. Making hiring best-fit candidates as easy as possible for you.

Partner with us and reap the benefits of working with the top executive search firms in the US.