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A Scientific Search Methodology

Over the years we spent within the recruitment industry and, with so many perfect placements of executives, we have realized the importance of a scientific search process. Thus, we have devised a process that we follow in order to search the perfect executives for our clients. Following this scientific process has helped us to become one of the top executive search firms in the US. Below we explain how we search for executives and what methods we follow in the executive shortlisting process.

Our Executive Search Methodology

We believe that executive search (executive search) should only be conducted by professional recruiters who intimately understand the industry. Through industry knowledge helps recruiters understand the requisites of the position (the opening), the traits required by candidates to function within the role and, most importantly, compatibility and flexibility of the executives to adapt to the culture of the client’s organization. These assessments are always kept in mind for every JRG Partners’ engagement.

Our Practice Areas and Executive Jobs

We have the expertise and skilled recruitment consultants to fill executive jobs within six main industries. Over the years, we have gained skill sets and knowledge of these six industries and our team is well equipped to cater to all executive job requirements (at every level within the organization). Below is a list of 6 main practice areas that we specialize in:

Pharmaceutical Executive Search
Medical Device Executive Search
Food and Beverage Executive Search
CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Executive Search
Legal and Paralegal Executive Search
Sales Executive Search
Manufacturing Executive Search
IT Executive Search

Our Executive Search Process

Our process involves seven key steps. We use a scientific and proven method while searching the right executives for your organization. Each step within the seven step model involves various tasks that we perform in order to identify the right executive for the position in question. You may visit our process page to get detailed information on how we search for talent, however, below are the seven broad steps that we follow:

1. Defining the Requirement

2. Building a Candidate Pool for the Requirement

3. screening the Candidates

4. Finalizing a Short List

5. Further Assessing the Finalists

6. Lining up the Interviews

7. Feedback to Candidates

Above are the broad seven steps we follow to place executives within any job position of an organization. Appoint us as your executive recruiters and avail the long term benefits of scientific and in-depth assessment of candidates.

A 3 Dimensional Executive Assessment Model

Our three-dimensional executive assessment model helps evaluate candidates’ competencies, their attitudes, beliefs, personality & mind-set. These candidates’ traits aid us to understand and evaluate a candidate’s adaptation capabilities and chances of success within the role they will undertake with your organization.

We have been using the three-dimensional executive assessment model over the past seven years. Our experience shows that executives who are hired using our assessment model not only start performing quickly, they usually get promoted within the first three years of their appointment. This three-dimensional model is used within all steps of the search process and has helped us become one of the top executive search firms within the US.

Do You Charge for Search Services?

Yes, we are not a nonprofit executive search firm. We do understand that we have an obligation towards our community. For which, we have decided not to charge any fee what so ever to job seekers. While there are numerous nonprofit executive search firms out there, none of then can provide best-suited executives based on industry-specific requirements for free. We always strive to provide value to our clients and we believe that the best way to provide value is by referring the most suited and well-matched executives who will add value and contribute to your organization’s growth. For this, we charge a reasonable fee to help keep us going.

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We provide our search services to clients all over the United States. Visit our above Practice Area Sections to get details about your specific industry. You can fill our executive search – online form. Our executive search – online form links are available on the different practice area pages. Alternatively, you may call us now to speak to one of our executive recruiters and discuss your retirement.

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