Our Process

We Follow An Effective Recruitment Process

JRG Partners employs a time proven recruitment process which we have successfully developed to service our clients over the past 15+ years. We have exclusive relationships with our clients and follow our time proven process to provide the best results.

Our Consultants use technology to our advantage and deliver recruitment and consultation services over video-conferencing, Skype, email to all locations close and far within the United States. We are by far the leading recruiters for sectors like: medical devices, pharmaceutical, Legal & Food & Beverages for executive placement requirements. In order for an initial discussion for your requirements and needs, you may call on us on: (561) 430-5360.

Our Recruitment Process

For the convenience of both recruiters and candidates, we are detailing below the recruitment / placement process and the steps we take in it:

Client Requirement Briefing:

Our consultant will take in full briefing on the role we will play and address any questions you may ask in regards with the process. Client requirement is documented and kept as a guiding framework and is referred to while executing the various steps that are involved in the search / placement process. From time to time, we will modify this “Client Brief” as changes are requested by the client.

Proposal for the Campaign:

One we are clear on the client’s requirement, our consultant will prepare and send a proposal to the client detailing an overview of the recruitment campaign, the recruitment process and details about our fees.

Terms of Business & Agreement

Our consultant will then furnish a terms of business agreement and send it to the client; containing recruitment campaign costs and recommendations for advertisement and strategies to follow. Once the agreement is signed we can start working on the requirement(s).

Advertisement and Candidate Search

Candidate search is initiated, sourcing media include (but is not limited to) print media, online advertising, database search, networking etc. Active researching and mapping of suitable candidates is done. Executive search includes funneling the required executives and mass communicating to them the opportunity through email / sms / tele-calling.

Advertisement Creation and Launch:

Creatives for the advertisement are generated on the basis of the initial brief received from the client, then they are sent to the client for approval before the launch of the advertising campaign.

Database, Search and Email/SMS Campaign:

Based on the brief of the client, a search of the most eligible candidates is done. For the candidates who fit the requirement, a targeted email/sms broadcast is done.

Networking & Referrals:

Our consultants seek for referrals within related networks within the client’s sector in order to search for the most suited candidates and all methods of communicating with such candidates are employed.

LinkedIn / Social Networking:

By using the LinkedIn recruiter licence, we now down the search for the client to gain access and communicate the opportunity to the most suitable candidates both nationally and internationally.

The First Consultant Interview:

After the search process is complete and full list of suitable candidates is populated for the position in question, our consultants will screen the list of interested candidates by way of a first interview. This first interview is done through either the telephone or a face-to-face interview in person or over Skype in order to determine a shortlist of candidates which can then be shortlisted for the next round of interviews.

Communicating the Shortlist:

Our consultant will provide a full-style feedback to the client on all the interviews that he/she may have conducted with the candidates, and recommend/present a shortlist of candidates who are suitable for an interview with the client.

Scheduling the Client Interview:

Once the client has evaluated the shortlist and has agreed to conduct interviews with the candidates, our consultant will schedule the interviews with the candidates within the finalized shortlist.

Briefing the Candidates and the Client:

A post interview briefing candidates based on the feedback from the client and to the client based on the communication with the candidates.

Checking References / Background Checks:

For the shortlisted candidates (by the client), a thorough reference check will be done. If a detailed candidate background check is required by the client, the same will also be carried out at this stage.

A Second round of Interviews:

If the client so desires, a second round of interview will be scheduled with the shortlisted candidates and notification to them in regards to the interview will be given to smoothly co-ordinate the interviews.

Briefing of Second Round of Interviews:

Once the second round of interview is complete, feedback from the client will be taken and communicated to the candidates. Any additional feedback from the candidates will also be documented and provided to the client.

Salary Package and Negotiations:

As a recruitment agency, we bridge the gap between the client and the candidate for all the aspects of recruiting and negotiations. One of the crucial part of recruitment is negotiating the salary package. Our consultant(s) will help negotiate and confirm the salary package in communication with both the candidates and the client before an offer from the client is made.

Offer Acceptance / Notification to unsuccessful candidates:

A letter of offer/contract from the client to the chosen candidates is sent and is signed by the selected candidates. Our consultant will ensure this process is smoothly executed. All candidates who attended the interview and are unsuccessful will be notified about the same.

Advice / Guidance to Successful Candidates:

Any assistance in regards to resignation form previous employer and advise on how to go about in streamlining the joining of the candidate(s) in their new position with the client will be provided by our consultant(s).

Continuous follow up with both client and Candidate(s):

Our consultant will regularly get in touch with both the client and the candidate(s) in order to ensure that both the client and the candidates are comfortably positioned.