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JRG Partners: Legal and Paralegal Recruiters to Bridge the Gap

JRG Partner’s legal and paralegal recruitment consultants form a core team of recruiters who value and understand the requirements of both sides (candidates and firms) within a working relationship. We strive to achieve success and synergy in matching candidates with firms. We have successfully placed candidates for in-house counsel, attorneys and paralegal staff within companies, law firms, and associates. As your chosen recruiters, we strive to help you build a collaborative and dynamic team that will enhance your organization’s competitiveness.

Our team’s expertise and over 15 years of experience help JRG Partners provide the best legal and paralegal recruitment services within the legal industry. Our recruitment consultants are equipped with the latest tools and expert advice and they collaborate with people seeking jobs as candidates and with employers looking to hire attorneys and paralegal staff. Our consultation roles are long-term. In fact, our long-term perspective is the most valuable aspect of our relationship as your chosen recruiters. We, as well as our clients, have greatly benefited due to our long-term approach.

Recruitment: Attorneys, Paralegals, and Other Legal Positions

JRG Partners has been placing executives in a wide range of legal and paralegal positions both within the United States and Canada. We house one of the most diverse and updated databases of candidates for the legal industry niche. Due to our experience, we have a full understanding of the requirements of both the candidates and the firms within the industry. Clear understanding and a full-scale recruitment network help us exchange information and share knowledge easily to help identify the best candidates for firms and opportunities for candidates.

Our range of recruitment within the legal arena includes placement services we regularly provide for the following key requirements:

Legal Associate Recruitment

Our legal recruiters are experts in legal associate recruitment. These recruiters are experienced in matching associate – level attorneys with the right law firms. If you are looking out for experienced legal associates, get in touch with us and discuss your requirement with one of our expert legal associate recruiters.

Paralegal Staff Recruitment

Legal firms are always on the look-out for the right paralegal staff. Over the years, there has been an increase in the demand for the right paralegal employees. Our specialized recruitment team for paralegal placement finds the best-fit candidates and has placed many paralegal executives within top law firms. If you are looking for best paralegal talent, get in touch with us and explore how our expert paralegal recruiters can assist you.

Partner Recruitment

Within our legal recruiter team, we house expert partner recruitment consultants. Our experienced partner recruitment consultants have helped legal firms find and place partners within the United States and in Canada.

In-House – General Counsel Recruitment

With so many years of in-house counsel placement, all members within JRG Partners’ legal recruiter team are well versed and experienced in the placement of in-house counsel within medium size and large companies all over the US. Call upon us and confabulate your in-house counsel requirement with one our expert recruiters.

Recruitment for Management in Law Firms

Just like other firms, law firms also grow in size, and they grow, there is a requirement for a talented management team. JRG Partners has helped many such growing law firms find and recruit the right management executives who lead the firms to future growth.

Recruitment for Expansion in Law Firms

Grown not only requires a good management, it creates openings in various other needs like more attorneys, additional paralegal staff or both. Since JRG Partners expertise in law firm placement services, we cater to all such requirements for companies using our recruitment services.

Kindly visit our Legal & Paralegal Recruitment – Recent Placement section to view our length and breadth of placement within the legal industry.

What to Expect from JRG Legal Recruiters

As is customary while working with the top notch recruiters, you can expect a professional and scientific approach to recruitment coupled with the fastest turn-around times for your placement requirements. Within the legal recruitment niche, some of the benefits of working with us include:

More Clarity & Transparency

We employ the best consultants and conduct timely training for them to ensure that they have sharp skills needed to query clients and understand their requirements. Thus our consultants chalk down precisely what your requirement is. This helps us both find the best fit and dramatically reduce the candidate search process.

A Long Term One-to-One Relationship

One of JRG Partners’ core values is to build and closely hold relationships with all our clients. These values are inculcated within the skills of our consultants by way of regular training and reiteration from time to time. Thus our consultants and our legal recruiter’s team values the importance of close and long-term relationships. When you hire us as your key legal recruiter, we allocate a dedicated consultant to you. The dedicated consultant will address all your recruitment requirements as they arise from time-to-time. You do not need to spend time or energy in familiarizing yourself with different consultants every time you require placement service. Every time you have a requirement, you can get in touch with the same familiar consultant who is well versed with your firm’s culture and with your general requirement guidelines. This helps save time for us and our clients.

Specialist Recruiters’ Services

Hiring a specialist recruiter comes with the most important benefit; complete industry knowledge and years of experience in placement within similar functions. This helps reduce both time costs and eliminate expensive wrong-fit costs.

Industry Knowledge & Experience

Changes in the recruitment market for each industry requires special adaptation and skills for recruiting the right candidates. While a general industry recruiter may be well versed with the recruitment & selection process, he/she may not expertise in a specific industry, thus, important aspects & skills required for recruitment within specific industries may be missing. This could lead to both increased time costs and wrong selection of candidates. Whereas, if you appoint an industry specific recruiter like us, you tend to benefit.

Not Just Attorney Headhunters

It may be a good idea to appoint an attorney headhunter if your firm only requires attorneys. However, as your firm grows, you will require management staff, paralegal staff and other legal staffs. An attorney headhunter will not be able to fulfill all your requirements. JRG Partners specializes in the placement of candidates for all the staffing requirements of law firms.

Value Addition by JRG Legal Recruiters

The most important function of a recruiter is to provide powerful search and placement services to clients time and again. Attorneys, paralegals, legal executives & other legal professionals like to work with us. Our expertise and experience provide the additional edge that every recruiter and job seeker aspires. Legal professionals use our services for their career advancement and placement requirements on both the sides of the recruitment equation. At all levels through their career (detailed below), people within the legal industry benefit from our recruitment services:

  • Law School Graduates looking for first placements
  • Young Lawyers looking for growth in career
  • Lawyers looking to become associates
  • Attorneys looking for opportunities as in-house counsels
  • In-House counsel looking for better prospects
  • Established Attorneys looking for new recruits
  • Attorney firms looking for paralegal and other law firm staff