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JRG Partners specialize in recruitment and placement of effective sales talent and sales teams for our clients. For more than 15 years we have been successfully placing sales executives with various large and small firms in many industries, including:- medical device, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, CPG, information technology, etc. We are well versed in the candidate requirements within the sales function. Join hands with one of the top sales recruiters and, avail yourself of our sales team recruitment services to find the best-fit sales talent for your company.

Our Specialist Consultants: Sales Headhunters

For our clients, their sales revenues are one of the key drivers for growth. The performance of your sales team and sales executives directly impacts your company’s revenues and future growth capabilities. Hence, for sales-driven companies, your sales executives and team are the most critical components of your marketing mix. Firms thus aim to find the right-fit executives by using a sales recruitment firm’s services. From time to time, companies across the United States turn to expert sales headhunters (consultants) at JRG Partners to get their desired candidates and results.

Our Sales Recruitment Services

An effective sales recruiting firm should present executives who are talented and effective professionals. JRG Partners helps you find the best sales executives and follows in-time placement to deliver them as quickly as possible. Below we highlight the salient features of our sales recruitment services and what you can expect from us:

Highly Talented Sales Executives

JRG Partners always strives to hire the most talented executives for your requirements. Our consultants match the skills required by the job with the skills the candidates possess in order to find the best-match candidates who will excel and take your organization’s sales to new heights.

Effective and Result Oriented Professionals

Our scientific screening process, coupled with our short-listing skills, helps us screen and select the most effective and game-changing sales professionals who have consistently been showing exceptional performance and are the most suitable for your firm to catalyze future growth.

Choosing the Best Executives for You

When using our sales recruiting services, you can rest assured that we will choose only the best executives for you. Our team will carefully evaluate all aspects of your requirements, match them with the available candidate pool and choose only the best-fit executives for you.

In-Time Placement Every Time

In-time placement is one of the most crucial aspects of our sales recruitment services. We at JRG Partners understand and appreciate the importance of timely placement. Our search, screening, short-listing and selection processes are streamlined. and we employ special skill-sets we have developed by experience. These skills help us reduce the sales recruitment process time. We adhere to clients’ timelines and appreciate the importance of in-time delivery of candidates. Thus, as compared with other sales recruiters, we are better placed to provide in-time placement services to our clients every-time.

Our Sales Team Recruitment Process

In comparison to other sales recruiters, our recruitment process and methods help us deliver better and faster results. While recruitment in general follows well-set-forth methods, recruitment for sales teams and executives requires that a recruiter be more polished and evaluative. With experience, over the years, we have populated a questionnaire that helps us better evaluate sales position candidates. These sets of questions have been included within the recruitment process at various stages to improve screening and evaluation. All our sales recruiters follow our laid down sales team recruitment process in order to ensure that best-fit candidates are selected for our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

Among other skills that you may find with any sales recruiter, we at JRG Partners implement unique skills, knowledge, traits and values that set us apart:

An Understanding of the Local Market

Every sales recruiter is looking for the best talent when it comes to sales team recruitment, be it at higher levels, like sales leadership, or for middle management sales executives (it even applies for sales support staff). As a leading sales recruiting firm, JRG Partners understands the importance of hiring the best sales force. All the consultants within our sales recruitment team come with in-depth experience, as they have worked with some of the most prominent brands in the United States.

We have a better success ratio than most sales recruiting firms, as we understand success in sales comprises more than just sales charm and industry knowledge. At the core of successful sales recruiting is a thorough understanding of the global market in line with local developments. Add to that the need to manage mutually-beneficial relationships.

We have access to one of the best sales candidate databases in the US. Our sales recruiters have experience in selecting the right transient talent from this database. Our team members maintain constant contact with these candidates and are well versed in their aspirations and needs. Our consultants work diligently to strike a match: the right challenges with the right people.

Our Reach and Expertise

As the sales team is one of the most important components of any firm, JRG Partners differentiates itself from other sales recruitment firms by achieving our company’s most important goals: listening to your needs and delivering the requirements in time. These guiding principles help us accomplish with ease what other sales headhunters cannot.

We are well aware of the fact that sales territories are very fluid, and our access to an inexhaustible and global sales candidate database equips us with the reach you need in order to expedite the most effective sales executive search. We have experience working with not only Fortune 500 companies but also medium-size clients (for finding best-fit sales talent) spanning various industries, including:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Medical Device
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology

Long-Term Focus – Client Relationship

A unique – and most effective – approach to recruiting for sales.

Other sales headhunters are mostly interested in hit-and-run recruitment fees. JRG Partners on the other hand, is committed to nurturing a long-term relationship with our clients. We not only hold a very in-depth understanding of the sales profession, but we also provide one-to-one, focused, targeted consultative services.

Since we do in-depth research on your firm, JRG Partners surpasses other sales recruiters in serving you as your preferred sales recruitment partner. We work closely with you to understand your objectives. We also analyze your area of expertise and current market positioning in order to understand how we (a premier sales recruitment agency) can help you reach the numbers – today and in the future.

Call on us for All your Sales Recruitment Needs

In order to discover how JRG Partners can provide you with a distinct advantage as compared to other sales recruitment firms, you may initiate a conversation with one of our sales recruiters (consultants) by filling in the contact form or calling upon us within our working hours (provided on our contact page).