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Staffing Needs of The Medical Device Industry

JRG Partners’ medical device recruitment services focuses on helping firms search, attract, retain and identify medical device executives who can efficiently and effectively lead their companies through future changes. We specialize in placement of executives both: within the medical device sales function and, in other functional areas. Having done so many medical device executive placements within various medical device companies, JRG Partners is your preferred medical device headhunter. Delegate your medical device executive search to our expert medical device recruiters and we will find you the best-fit candidates for your needs.

Changes in medical equipment industry by regulators in the US have increasingly been putting pressure on medical device manufacturers and sale companies in terms of medical device regulations. Further, reimbursement requirements have helped increase the pressures. When you choose us a your favored medical device recruiters, you delegate a major share of: “the recruitment process” to be done by a professional recruiter who is upbeat with changes within the medical device recruitment arena.

Medical Device Recruiters to: Search, Select, Hire Train...

We offer you a complete range of recruitment services tailor made to address the executive needs for every department within the medical equipment companies. Our range of medical device recruitment services include:

  • Executive Recruitment Services – search/find executives for all positions,
  • Strategic Selection Services,
  • Competency Assessment Services,
  • Creating Interactive Result-Oriented Leadership Programs,
  • One-on-One Coaching,
  • Talent Design & Strategies, and
  • Succession / Growth Planning.

Over the years we have successfully placed executives for the medical device industry within varying designations and departments. We are proud to display our success stories.

Your Company's Future Depends on Executives You Recruit and groom Today.

Firms who manufacture and market medical equipment and related products for disease and injury management need to increasingly emphasize on creating them from a health and economic point of view. The current trend which portrays a slowing growth in the developed countries and a faster growth in emerging markets requires medical equipment firms to: drive innovation; reduce cost; and, provide better clinical results. Thus in order to lead, medical equipment companies need to possess a global approach along with being able to think and act “Out of the Box” to continually drive growth and increase profitability.
Attractive Recruiting, Progressive Development, and retention of highly talented and well-performing executives and leaders are crucial for your company’s growth. This is where you need services of a highly trained team of professional recruiters at your side to search executives and fill critical job openings within both manufacturing and sales department of your company.

Your Partner in Medical Device Executive Search

JRG Partners is both strategically positioned and resourceful in helping your company meet your med device talent (executive) requirements. Our expert consultants/recruiters work with the world’s leading corporations to help search and identify their future leaders, improve their potential, drive growth and development and expedite transition.

We are the only headhunting firm that can help you search, identify, recruit and groom both internal and external talent. Our team can help develop the future leaders of your organization through implementing proven solutions to exceed your expectations. We are deeply rooted within the medical equipment industry with long-held relationships with the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Our associations include AdvaMed, WABIO, RAPS and MassMEDIC as our associate partners. As your staffing partner (recruiters) we will ensure that your placements are ready and equipped to lead your organization today and in the future.

We specialize in medical device sales team recruitment. Follow this link to see details on how we can help you get an exceptionally talented sales team.

Benefits of Hiring us for Executive Recruitment

Direct employment has it’s benefits and drawbacks, however, when you hire an executive search partner, you tend to retain the benefits of direct employment and eliminate the drawbacks. Further, when you use the recruitment services of JRG partners, you get additional benefits.

Here are 3 good reasons why you should hire us for all your recruitment requirements within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment industry:

Expertise & Macro Economic Knowledge:

Recruiters have a level of expertise that spans around all levels of the economy. We are well informed about the employment trends and law changes. Further, we use latest recruitment best practices to search and shortlist candidates (since this is our core business). When you appoint us as your preferred medical device recruiters to address your staffing needs, you can leave the recruitment process to us and concentrate on more important things. With our expertise and knowledge of the medical devices industry, we are well equipped to get you the best talent in the market.

Executive Search within a Varied & Diverse Talent Pool

Recruiters have access to a very large and diverse talent pool. Searching for the right candidate within a large and diverse database helps find the perfect executives. Small and medium size companies cannot compete with large businesses in terms of pay. Thus, they may not always have access to better or top-performing executives. Recruiters help bridge the gap by leveraging our buying power and transferring the benefits to our clients. When you hire us, you get access to a large pool of candidate database that is only available to professional executive recruiters. For the medical equipment sector, we house one of the most diverse and updated “medical device sales executives” and “med device top level executives” database. Over the years we have successfully placed executives for varying positions within your industry.

Cost Effective: Savings in Advertising Dollars

Using a placement agency (recruiter) for your recruitment requirements is cost effective for many processes and positions within your company. These cost savings are realized by way of effective delegation of tasks that recruiters can perform effectively. Recruitment of top executives involves investment in advertising to reach the talent pool. We have already set aside advertising dollars and are already reaching the talent that you need.

Fill in our Medical Device Executive Search Form with your requirement details and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Medical Device Recruiters: Coverage & Functions

JRG Partners services clients ranging from Multi-National Billion dollar Corporations to start up corporations who focus on executive development, for manufacturing and marketing of their products and services used by physicians to treat and diagnose diseases and injuries. We help you recruit the right executive for the right position. While you can concentrate on doing what you are good at (manufacture medical equipment) we provide you staffing services (doing the recruiter’s job). The types of clients we work for include:

  • Class I, Class II & III Medical Equipment Firms,
  • Surgical Instrument Companies,
  • Medical Instrument Companies,
  • Medical Appliances and Equipment Manufactures,
  • Scientific Instrument Manufacturers,
  • Diagnostic Products and Equipment Manufacturers and Marketers,
  • Medical Suppliers and More….

Medical Device Recruiters: Full Range of Services for You!

We perform candidate search for all staffing requirements including but not limited to searching for: Board Members, Senior Management, C-suite positions, CEOs, Departmental heads for all functional areas, sales staffing etc. From search till onboarding, we help you all the way, providing support and recruiter services at all levels including (selection, hiring and training). When you appoint us as a recruiters for your organization, you can sit-back and relax while we do the head-hunting for you! So, get in touch with us right away and shake hands with the best recruiters for the medical devices industry.

Our Specialization

We are specialized in placing executives within various functions including: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Regulatory affairs and Research & Development. From time-to-time, we have placed executives within companies which manufacture and sell: Instruments, Apparatus, Implants, Diagnosis Instruments and in vitro reagents.

Our Reach

We offer our Medical Device recruitment services to clients all over the US and in Canada (North America). Some of our clients include: Medtronic and Siemens Medical Solutions in the United States. We offer retained exclusive search services to our clients and have been working face-to-face with them over the years. Shake hands with us and embark on a long term mutually beneficial relationship. JRG Partners is eager to fill all your medical device executive needs. Email us on or call us on 1-844-SEARCH7.Just provide us your medical device executive search details. Our recruiters will assist you in finding the best fit candidates every time.

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