I Got the Job! What’s Next?

I Got the Job! What's Next?

What’s Next?’ What are the steps you’ll take to leverage this opportunity and propel your career forward? At last, you have got the job. Is it a suitable time to begin the job and calm down or, a bad time to start the wheel of your career? In this state of mind, many people think that they can rest, enjoy vacations, and just obtaining the job is a very big achievement. But the job is the starting of a new journey and credit goes to you. However, amidst this excitement, it’s crucial to ponder.

What’s Next Tasks to Accomplish after you get the Job

Once, your job is started, you have to face urgent tasks which are as follows:

Urgent Tasks to Accomplish after you get the JobProfessionals like Michael Watkins emphasize the critical importance of the first 90 days in a new job. During this crucial period, employees have a prime opportunity to showcase their skills and leadership capabilities to upper management. To effectively navigate this timeframe and position oneself for advancement, Watkins outlines six key points that individuals should focus on. So, What’s Next after these initial 90 days can significantly impact one’s career trajectory within the organization.

Firstly, adjust yourself to your new job which means you should understand your role and tasks assigned to you.

Secondly, associate with the business’s culture and significance of the organization, get yourself adjust to the new surroundings and employees and keep learning new things.

Thirdly, grow practices of on-going career management which are mentioned below:

  • Develop sincere and beneficial relationships with the trained and skills people.
  • Don’t control your resources and step up towards the innovation.
  • To gain success in your career, keep working as a partner with your career coach (if you have any).

Six Key Tasks to Accomplish in a new Job

Six Key Tasks to Accomplish in a new Job1) Develop good relationships with your new co-workers and interact with them in a good way. Be sincere, trustworthy, social and affable. You should be demonstrative and present yourself to the employees (don’t expect them to speak to you).

2) Show your capability of delivering noticeable results, for fulfilling the promises and completing the targets. Quickly show your progress, keep following your achievements and involvements.

3) Share your ideas and improvements with your team and upper management. Turn out to be popular for achieving the daring goals and finishing the projects within the deadline and budget along with the desired results.

4) Start making your network of contacts. Improve the good relationship with each and everyone whether they are upper management or lower management. You should know everyone’s name whether he is the guy of mail, security guard, IT expert or the executive assistant to your manager. There should be friends, business people and followers surrounding you in a 360’ angle.

5) Go through your job and discuss its details with your manager. In the first 90 days, you should make an individual development plan to study your job and responsibilities. It contains all your short and long term targets. This is a serious issue which confirms that the job you get turns out to be the job you like.

6) Do manage your personal and professional life. Keep in mind, don’t exceed in your excitement of your new job. Time along with family, habits and activating yourself all are a portion of your efficiency and achievements carried in a long way.


In conclusion, What’s Next, your aim should be to garner respect, visibility, and trust within the initial 90 days of your new job. The precedents you establish during this period will pave the way for success in the role entrusted to you by the organization. This phase is pivotal and serves as the foundation for sustained success in the future.

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