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How do I prepare for a medical device sales interview?

prepare for a medical device sales interview

When preparing for a medical device sales interview, there are certain important points to consider in order to increase the chances of success. A successful interview requires thorough research, adequate practice, and an outstanding presentation. Knowing the right techniques and strategies can help one shine in their medical device sales interview. Research the Company and […]

How to Explain Your Strengths in a Job Interview

A Guide on How to effectively explain your strengths in a job interview.

You must have played the game of chess or risk once in a while when you were young. What is it that’s common in these games? These are strategic games that push you to think on your feet and help you examine your strengths and limitations. They also assist us in predicting and using foresight […]

Have a Job Interview Tomorrow! 11th Hour Interview Tips

Have a Job Interview Tomorrow! 11th Hour Interview Tips

You’ve got the call from an employer. They have invited you in for the interview the following day. You’re ideal for the position. All you have to do is to show them your worthiness. what should you do? Be it eleventh-hour interview calls or because interviews are pretty intimidating and, you happen to be postponing […]

Infographic Resume – How and when to use one?

Infographic Resumes - How and when to Use one.

Is your resume languishing within a resume pile – or is it obtaining you interview calls and job offers? In case your resume is consistently being ignored, perhaps an infographic resume may be what you want – to stand apart from a sea of generic applications. People love infographics mainly because our minds are configured […]