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JRG Partners is quickly becoming a leader in recruitment consultation and specializing in the medical sales and life science industry, across the US. Our industry knowledge and recruitment experience helps us in filling executive recruitment needs across distinct markets segments including Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Capital Equipment, Dental, Diagnostic imaging, Disposables, Endoscopy, Imaging, In‑vitro diagnostics, Neurology, Ophthalmics, Orthopaedics, Plastic surgery, Renal dialysis, Surgical, Wound Care, and Urology.

Medical Sales Recruitment in the US – Overview

A medical sales representative’s career is both rewarding and fulfilling, particularly within the US. More commonly referred to as ‘Sales Representatives’, the medical sales profession is in high demand and is stimulating, dynamic, and most sought after. America’s top sales recruiting agencies are constantly engaged to source high-quality medical sales Reps for staffing within positions for major medical supplies manufacturers and distributors.

Our Medical Sales Recruitment Team

JRG Partners’ team of skilled recruiters understand the need and recognize the attributes essentially required while searching and hiring medical sales talent. Our recruitment specialists have carefully evaluated the traits needed within successful medical representatives. We search, evaluate and select only such candidates who possess the required qualities within prospective medical sales Reps. Only the best and most suitable candidates are shortlisted and referred to our clients. JRG Partners has over 15 years of experience in search, selection and placement industry. Over the years, we have incorporated a set of strategic recruitment ethics and procedures. Our consultants follow these ethics thoroughly – throughout the steps within the recruitment process.

What is expected from A Medical Sales Executive?

Generally, a medical sales representative is a link between the medical supplier and the healthcare professionals and firms. Thus, a medical sales executive should possess complete knowledge of supplies and products. The range of products and supplies may include large and small types of equipment, laboratory equipment and supplies, medicine, software, and sundries. A skilled medical sales Rep should be knowledgeable about the capabilities and characteristics of each supply and should understand the needs and goals of the healthcare professionals and firms he/she is selling the products to. Top medical sales executives are always on the lookout for opportunities to providing awareness and promoting their products to different segments of the medical industry.

Generally, a medical sales executive may specialize in the sale of one equipment or product. Successful medical executives can carve a rewarding and satisfying career providing critical information and services to the healthcare industry. As is with other aspects of recruitment success, we understand the unique role of a medical sales executive and have populated a list of required qualities, which, enables JRG Partners to help our clients find the best candidates and we have effectively filled numerous top medical sales jobs.

JRG Partner’s recruiters are focused and give attention to detail in regards to candidates who apply for the post and are eligible contenders for shortlisting. Our consultants analyze their skills to match the requisite skills. Ideally, firms are looking for a strong and outgoing personality, self-confidence, self-driven and extremely competitive, and should have an interest in science in general and medicines and medical equipment in particular.

Medical Sales Reps and Executive across the US are one of the many professionally and financially satisfying positions today. A successful medical executive or medical representative is able to showcase his/her exceptional sales proficiency and meet the needs and skills demanded by the medical industry. With an ever-growing global population and continuous advancements in science and medical research, the requirement for experienced, skilled and effective Medical Sales Executives is on the rise in the US.

We at JRG Partners extensively screen candidates and source the best of the best to fill top Medical Sales Executive requirements. We work closely with medical employers (clients), establish and define in detail the needs of the hiring company – JRG Partners’ experience in sales recruitment helps us deliver exceptional results for companies who are recruiting and top medical sales people in finding their dream jobs. Our recruiters bring to the fore professionalism, passion, and enthusiasm in every recruitment task. JRG Partners are both trusted and respected within the US for search and placement of candidates for Medical Sales Executive positions.

Hire us for Your Medical Sales Recruitment Requirements

JRG Partners is a nationwide recruitment firm with a specialist team of medical sales recruiters. We are able to concentrate our focus on the medical industry employment and hiring needs. Our recruiters stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations that keep changing from time to time. JRG Partners is able to meet the hiring needs of top US companies. For more information or to you would like to consult with one of our recruiters, contact us today.