Paralegal Recruiting

Paralegals or more commonly known as ‘legal assistants‘ are people who work in a law firm or with an attorney’s office as assistants to them. You may also find paralegals in government offices, big corporates or within the legal departments of firms. The role of a paralegal staff may vary depending on the nature of the firm and its size. In general, paralegals are assigned the responsibility to take care of legal documents and documentation. Additionally, a legal assistant may also be required to prepare reports and summaries and handle legal officials and matters they do not necessarily require an attorney. Within a law firm, a paralegal or legal assistant may also help lawyers in preparation for court meetings and dates. JRG Partners house one of the best team of paralegal recruiters within the US. We assist firms in finding the best legal talent and the job seekers the best jobs within the legal and paralegal arena.

The Legal Industry and the requirement for paralegals in the US

Over the years, the requirement for paralegals and legal assistants has been on the rise in the US. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for paralegal talent requirement has grown at over 6% per annum and is likely to further grow at over 7% per annum or higher in the forthcoming decade. As is evident with this growth rate that legal assistants are in as much demand as doctors and engineers and the need for paralegal talent is likely to remain high for a long time to come. For further information on paralegal and legal assistant job trends, visit Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

This increased growth in jobs is mainly due to an increase in the number of legal assistants being employed by law firms to streamline the services they provide to their clients. Also, many US companies are hiring legal staff and paralegals on their payroll – as against hiring legal consultants or legal assistants indirectly at higher rates using a law firm’s services.

while, for job seekers, it’s a booming market with an ample number of opportunities, for recruiters, due to huge demand and limited supply, it is quite difficult to find the right talent on their own. Employers thus employ the services of professional paralegal recruiters to find and hire the best talent. JRG Partners has one of the most extensive paralegal candidate database in the US. We have been successfully placing legal assistants within law firms, government agencies, and corporate legal departments since last 15 years. Kindly view our successful placements within the legal industry for paralegals here.

What do Paralegals or Legal Assistants do?

The American Bar Association (ABA) defines a paralegal or legal assistant as:

A person who is qualified by education or training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law firm, any corporation or any governmental agency or other entities and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible.

Adding to this definition, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations states that substantive legal work employs the following skills: analysis, evaluation, recognition, organization, and communication of relevant facts and legal concepts. Legal assistants also need to be good communicators, strong writers and possess high-level interpersonal skills like negotiation and conflict resolution.

Average Pay a Paralegal or a Legal Assistant gets

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a paralegal (legal assistant), apart from other things that may help you decide to include the average pay package legal assistants get. The average median yearly salary for legal assistants was $ 58,300 in 2014 which rose to $ 61,810 in 2015 and the current median annual salary stands at $ 63,701. As is evident from the above data that on the one hand while average pay packages over other industries and professions are on the decline, average median salaries for paralegals is increasing on a year-to-year basis.

Looking to get started as a Paralegal?

If you are looking to start a career as a paralegal or a legal assistant you can get guidance and information on how to begin your career as a paralegal here. If you are an experienced or qualified legal assistant and are looking for a better job or assignment, you may e-mail your updated resume to us on or alternatively get in touch with one of our paralegal recruiters to discuss your prospects in detail. You may also consider registering with us in order to get posted on a regular basis with the latest paralegal job vacancies that suit your profile.

The Paralegal Job Environment and Recruitment

Owing to a shortage of paralegal talent more and more legal firms and corporates (including government agencies) are finding it increasingly difficult to hire the required paralegal talent. Finding the perfect talent has become both: difficult to locate and time-consuming. Corporates and legal firms are spending thousands of dollars in job advertising in their effort to locate the right talent within the US. Thus HR’s and recruitment managers are turning towards paralegal recruiters and paralegal recruitment firms to find the requisite talent.

Recruiters, on the other hand, are able to provide the best of both the worlds: more talent options and a timely search in finding the right talent. JRG Partners has helped over 100 small, medium and, large size firms find and hire the perfect paralegal talent they were looking for. If you are an employer looking for paralegal talent, you may kindly get in touch with us and discuss your requirement with one of our paralegal recruiters so that we can assist you in finding the best-fit paralegal / legal assistant for your firm. For further details on our past placements, visit our past paralegal placements page below.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant – Personal Injury Paralegal for a New York, NY located Law Firm in June ’16.
Paralegal – Paralegal, Litigation, Contractual with a Philadelphia, PA basedGovernment Agency in May ’16.
Paralegal I And Or Paralegal II within a Virginia Beach, VA located Company in April ’16.
Paralegal – Foreclosure/Collections Paralegal for a Charlotte, NC basedSolicitors’ Firm in March ’16.
Paralegal/Sr. Paralegal with an Atlanta, GA located Employer in February ’16.
Paralegal/Sr Paralegal- Home Loans within a Jacksonville, FL basedLaw Firm in January ’16.
Sr Paralegal/Paralegal- Consumer Banking for a Houston, TX located Government Agency in November ’15.
Litigation Assistant Specialist/Paralegal/Administrative Assistant with a Columbus, OH based Company in November ’15.
Executive Assistant/Paralegal within a Chicago, IL located Solicitors’ Firm in October ’15.
Trial Paralegal for a Denver, CO based Employer in Spetember ’15.
Compliance Paralegal with a Los Angeles, CA located Law Firm in Spetember ’15.
Trademark Paralegal within a New York, NY based Government Agency in August ’15.
Paralegal II/Research And Compliance Assistant for a Pittsburgh, PA located Company in June ’15.
Personal Injury Paralegal with a Norfolk, VA based Solicitors’ Firm in May ’15.
Paralegal For Immigration Law within a Raleigh, NC located Employer in April ’15.
Paralegal/Regulatory Compliance Specialist for a Columbus, GA basedLaw Firm in March ’15.
Legal Assistant / Paralegal I with a Miami, FL located Government Agency in February ’15.
Residential Real Estate Paralegal within a San Antonio, TX basedCompany in January ’15.
Paralegal, Trademarks for a Cleveland, OH located Solicitors’ Firm in December ’14.
Corporate Paralegal with a Chicago, IL basedEmployer in November ’14.
Employment/Compliance Paralegal II within a Denver, CO located Law Firm in November ’14.
Domestic Litigation Paralegal for a San Diego, CA based Government Agency in October ’14.
Family Law Paralegal with a New York, NY located Company in Spetember ’14.
Estates And Trusts Paralegal within a Philadelphia, PA based Solicitors’ Firm in Spetember ’14.
Closer / Title Paralegal for a Dallas, TX located Employer in August ’14.
Construction Defect Litigation Paralegal with a Washington DC based Law Firm in June ’14.
In-House Litigation Paralegal within a New York, NY located Government Agency in May ’14.
Insurance Defense Litigation Paralegal for a Tampa, FL based Company in April ’14.
Real Estate/Transactional Paralegal with an Austin, TX located Solicitors’ Firm in March ’14.
Intellectual Property Paralegal within a Washington DC based Employer in February ’14.
Sr. Paralegal – Offshore for a Chicago, IL located Law Firm in January ’14.
Legal Secretary/ Paralegal with a Newark, NJ based Government Agency in December ’13.
Estate Planning Paralegal within a San Jose, CA located Company in November ’13.
Tax Paralegal for a Jacksonville, FL based Solicitors’ Firm in November ’13.
Commercial Real Estate Paralegal with a Philadelphia, PA located Employer in October ’13.
Case Manager/Paralegal within a Boca Raton, FL basedLaw Firm in Spetember ’13.

Why should you use JRG Partners for Paralegal Recruitment?

Cost Benefits of using Paralegal Recruiters

One of the most important benefits of using paralegal recruiters to fill your hiring needs is the cost savings which are realized by way of delegating tasks that recruiters can perform effectively. Recruitment of paralegals and legal assistants involves investment in advertising (in order to reach the talent pool). As a well-established paralegal recruiter, we have already set aside advertising dollars and are already reaching the talent that you need.

Other Benefits of Hiring JRG Partners

Apart from the usual benefit of cost savings that you get when you use the services of a recruiter, when you appoint us as your preferred paralegal recruiter, you can expect the following:

  • Access to the widest paralegal and legal assistant candidate database pool within the US.
  • An increased chance of finding the best fit for your requirements. We use an automatic skill match software that helps us quickly narrow down and locate the perfect match (a match between required skills and candidate skills).
  • Services of professional paralegal recruiters who have over 15 years of legal assistant recruitment experience.
  • Our recruitment consultants know exactly what is expected from paralegals and legal assistants and will almost always find you the perfect talent you are looking for.
  • We are so confident of our paralegal recruitment services that if we are not able to find the right fit for you, we will provide you a 100% refund.

Our past Paralegal and Legal Assistant Successful Placements

Still not convinced about using us as your preferred paralegal recruiter? Here you can have a look at the length and breadth of our past placements. Our past placement clearly indicates our reach (all over the US) and the talent and positions we have been successfully placing. Paralegal talent placement is our specialty and we have dedicated paralegal recruiters standing by to assist you in finding and hiring the talent that you are looking for. Click here to view our past (last 2 years) placements.

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