JRG Partners is a leading provider of oncology sales rep recruiting solutions with a unique focus on finding the most qualified, dedicated, and motivated candidates. As one of the leading firms in the oncology recruiting field, JRG Partners knows that the right sales representatives make a profound difference in clinical success, patient outcomes, and revenue growth. Our’ experience, technology, candidate pool data, and passion makes us a leader in the industry.

We work with pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device firms to recruit high-performing oncology sales representatives. Through our understanding of the needs of our clients, we are able to quickly and effectively identify candidates with the appropriate skill set and experience. We leverage our advanced applicant tracking system to identify, screen, and assess the availability and fit-worthiness for the competitive, oncology sales representative roles.

By utilizing a personalized and customized recruiting process, we ensures that our clients have access to the most qualified candidates. JRG Partners works collaboratively with our clients to create a unique candidate universe, rather than trudging through a shallow pool of applicants, or search at cluttered job boards. Clients benefit from our ability to determine the best fit for oncology sales representative roles.

What is Oncology Sales?

Oncology sales is a field of specialized pharmaceutical sales focused on pharmaceuticals used in the treatment of cancer patients. This typically encompasses a combination of patent and off-patent drugs, as well as medical devices related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In many cases, oncology sales representatives work closely with healthcare providers to educate them about the latest treatments and medications, as well as how the products can benefit the patient’s condition.

What’s an Oncology Sales Rep’s Job?

Oncology sales representatives have a very challenging job that requires a great deal of research, knowledge and expertise. They must be well-versed in the specifics of their assigned product line(s) and have a deep understanding of the needs of physicians. They must also build and maintain relationships with a variety of medical professionals, such as oncologists, nurses and primary care physicians.

Who can be a successful Oncology Sales Rep?

A successful oncology sales representative is an excellent communicator and able to explain very complex concepts to a variety of medical professionals. He or she also must possess strong organizational skills to accurately document and track customer relationships, competitive products and market trends. Lastly, a successful representative must have a strong customer focus to effectively meet customer needs and differentiate the assigned pharmaceuticals from those of the competition.

What’s an Oncology Sales Rep’s Salary?

The salary of an oncology sales rep can vary considerably depending on experience, job type, region and other variables. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a Sales Representative within the Pharmaceutical / Medical Equipment / Supplies industry is approximately $61,240 per year. The highest annual salary reported for this profession was $183,500 per year.


In conclusion, oncology sales is a specialized area of pharmaceutical sales that requires a great deal of knowledge, research and expertise. An effective representative must be a great communicator, an excellent listener and possess strong organizational skills. It’s a very challenging job that requires a special level of customer service to help medical professionals make the right decisions when it comes to treating cancer patients.

Oncology Sales Reps Recruiting Process

Once we have identified the ideal candidate, we take the necessary measures to ensure that the candidate is the right fit and highly qualified. This process includes reference checks, screening interviews, and background checks etc. With this comprehensive due diligence process, JRG Partners can guarantee top-quality candidates to match our clients’ needs.
Oncology sales representatives play a significant role in the success of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device companies. As a medical and scientific sales job, these candidates must have a thorough understanding of oncology—disease treatment and management, medications, clinical trials, and health care regulations. Therefore, JRG Partners takes extra measures to ensure that the oncology sale representative role is filled by the right candidate by providing pre-hire testing and skill assessments.

Key Oncology Sales Positions We have placed

  • Oncology Sales Specialist
  • Oncology Account Manager
  • Senior Oncology Sales Representative
  • Oncology Sales Representative
  • Territory Manager – Oncology
  • Regional Oncology Business Development Manager
  • Oncology Manager
  • Oncology Sales Manager
  • Key Account Manager – Oncology
  • Account Specialist – Oncology
  • Sr. Oncology Account Manager
  • Oncology Brand Manager
  • Oncology/Hematology Regional Account Manager
  • Hospital/Oncology Representative
  • National Account Senior Manager – Oncology
  • Medical Science Liaison – Oncology
  • Oncology Regional Account Executive
  • National Oncology Sales Manager
  • Training Manager – Oncology
  • Oncology Regional Sales Director

Why JRG Partners for Oncology Sales Recruitment?

JRG Partners also offers superior customer service and flexibility that ensures customer satisfaction. The customer service is provided through complete customer support and a competent, knowledgeable team. JRG Partners is able to offer the flexibility and adaptability of a small firm, while providing a global search and comprehensive recruiting solutions as well.

JRG Partners’ comprehensive recruiting solutions have enabled us become a global leader in the oncology sales representative recruiting industry. Our extensive network of pharmaceutical and healthcare sales professionals, our vast experience working in the industry, and our competitive pricing makes JRG Partners the best choice for oncology sales rep recruitment solutions.