Medical Device Sales Recruitment

Effective Medical Device – Sales Team Recruitment

While, technical knowledge which is a must for the medical equipment industry, the perfect medical equipment sales talent should also be well versed with the sales process within organizations. The right candidate should possess both qualification and experience with 6 key skill sets that every recruiter should look for.

For many big companies, it suits them to have an in-house HR team. It helps them in identifying and retaining the right sales talent. On the other hand, for small and medium size medical device companies, hiring professional “medical device recruiters for sales team recruitment” is both an economical and an effective strategy.

Decide to use A Medical Device Recruiter

If you have decided to use the services of a medical device headhunter to fulfill your requirement, please visit our medical device recruiters page. You can get details of our services from this page. If, you would like to post your requirement immediately, kindly visit our medical device executive search form here and fill in the details and submit it, so that, we can get working for you.

Alternatively, you may also call us and, speak to a consultant. Provide your detailed requirement so that we can instantly start working on your needs.

In-House Sales Executive Recruitment

If, however, you have decided to take on the job of recruiting the sales team in-house, there is a set of traits that you need to look for within the right medical device sales executives. The below six skill sets are “must-needed traits” that every effective medical device sales executive should possess:

1. A Global Approach: Strong Inter-Cultural Knowledge

Although you may be recruiting a candidate to cater to the regional market in general, as is with all other industries today, the globe is your market. Thus while looking for talent, as against local approach, a global approach work in the long run. While local knowledge and approach may help your organization today, a global approach will help both today and in the future (when your organization grows exponentially). Thus keeping a global approach in mind, look for talent that has a global approach as well. JRG Partners has a vast database pool of candidates who possess a global approach and will be best suited for organizations aiming for exponential future growth. Just appoint us as your recruiter and we will conduct the executive search for you.

2. Top Notch Communication Capabilities

In today’s market, communication skills are equally as important as technical skills. Although, you will be looking for a sales team that can understand and explain the features and benefits of your products / services. A sales team with top notch communication capabilities can help aid the sales process. They can devise ways in which information is communicated systematically and with ease. Take advantage of JRG partners’ vast pool of candidate who are well groomed and possess high-level communication skills. They will help bolster your organizational growth. Call us and speak to a recruiter, provide details of your requirement and, almost instantly, we start working on it.

3. Complete knowledge of the Health Care / Medical Equipment Market

Both Macro and Microeconomic knowledge are important for any effective medical device sales team. Candidates who are upbeat with the current trends in your industry and keep themselves updated with competition and their activities are prone to perform much better than talent that only try to sell what you produce. With connections well rooted within the medical devices industry, JRG partners can search and refer the most befitting candidates.

4. Technical sales knowledge with a marketing orientation.

In today’s market, one should produce goods that are well accepted by the end user. Keeping upbeat with the needs of the end user by taking constant feedback is the key to any organization’s success. Thus, while your sales team should be well equipped with the technical know-how to both understand and explain the technical aspects of your products, it is also equally important that your sales team and executives acknowledge and use marketing orientation within their sales approach by way of taking constant feedbacks from end users wherever possible and providing this feedback to research / product development team in order to make improvements in product features and benefits.

5. Dynamic and proactive entrepreneurship traits

Gone are the days when we thought only employers needed entrepreneurship traits. A big set of the entrepreneurship traits is now required at every level within the organization in order to attain growth. Your sales team should also possess such traits which will help them evaluate each and every activity they perform, using improved and latest ways in which routine tasks are done, eliminating unused features within a product (which can help reduce manufacturing costs) are some of the examples of the use of entrepreneurial traits by sales teams.

6. A good network and effective networking skills.

Executives at every level within the organization should possess a good network in order to get regular tasks done effectively. A good network may comprise of not only a network of customers, but also other stakeholders. They are equally important for an organization to both keep running the day-to-day functioning and, for grow. JRG partners can assist your firm in searching / selecting well-networked executives who can help stimulate growth. Appoint us as your preferred headhunters and relax. We will help you find the most suitable team.

Whereas, your organization produces highest quality medical devices, in order to recruit the right sales team, consider using the best medical device recruiters. An experienced and skilled recruiter can aid your company identify and recruit the right sales talent. JRG partners has been aiding Medical Device companies recruit Medical Device Sales Executives and other executives for over 20 years. Select us as your recruiters and allow us to help you hire the best sales team!

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