Job Search with Recruiters (JRG Partners)

Navigating Your Career Path: Streamlining Job Searches with Expert Guidance from JRG Partners

While looking for a job, candidates more commonly use the services of a recruiter. While there are certain expectations from both the candidate and the recruiter, it is imperative to lay down some guidance and a framework within which we work together. JRG partners place utmost importance to the way we handle our stakeholders. Thus, hereinbelow, we are laying down general guidelines that we and the candidates are expected to follow the recruitment process. Among the many things that are expected, below are some of the main features of our recruitment services that you can expect as a candidate:


More so for executives who are currently employed and are looking for better prospects, confidentiality is important and consultants at JRG Partners understand and implement the following steps to ensure candidate and candidature confidentiality is met at all levels of job application:

  • We obtain your consent before we submit your resume and other information to prospective recruiters.
  • All communication in regards to job applications will be done directly with the candidate. No third party information exchange or hand-over is done.
  • Reference checking is done only with your information and consent.
  • Neither JRG Partners nor it’s employees will disclose your candidature information to third parties unless it is required by law.
  • We also ensure that requests for confidentiality are sent to employers and that they understand and accept the requirement to safeguard confidentiality.

Here it’s important to emphasize on the fact that, you do not become a candidate for us until we ensure your suitability for a post and conduct an initial interview with you. Further, it is equally important that you express an interest and desire in your candidature for the particular post. It is crucial that both the above conditions are met in order for us to proceed with and consider you as a potential candidate for a particular position. Shortlisted candidates who may not get selected for one search may automatically be considered for other such positions unless otherwise indicated by you.


In order to provide the right opportunities for you, it is important that all candidates get to know as much information as possible about the employer and the job opportunity. A full disclosure in regards to various elements of the job opening and the employer need to be shared with shortlisted candidates this information may include the following:

  • The nature of the job and the key skills required for the position;
  • The approximate compensation package offered by the employer’;
  • If relocation is needed or not;
  • All relevant information required being shared about the employer.

It is important to understand the needs and aspirations of candidates. For this purpose, we initiate a conversation between our consultant and the candidates to help understand them better. Only after we have determined that the candidate’s outlooks match the opening and that the candidate is a good fit for the position do we divulge confidential information to them. Once the match is most likely, our consultants will share further information in regards with the employer. Although at this point it many not be likely that full information about the employer is shared, a good part of the information set is provided to the right candidates so that they can understand and further evaluate the employer before they can decide to go for the position.

If for some reason we fail to provide the requisite information to you as an eligible candidate, please do bring it up over to one of our consultants and get the require information from them.


Any best fit search for executives and management personnel may take several months. It involves many screening, selection, interviewing and re-interviewing steps before a candidate is successfully hired. Once we have identified you as a potential candidate, we consider you as an active candidate with us. One of our consultants will remain in constant communication with you. You will be kept informed about the status of your candidature and necessary requirements in a timely manner in order to ensure smoothness on every step involved. You will be actively updated on the selection process and any queries initiated by you will be answered.


JRG Partners comply with all employment laws that to hiring practices within the US. Our consultants also demonstrate a very high level of professionalism with both the candidates and the employers. Our consultants are experienced and they:

  • Understand clearly the position and the employer’s expectations.
  • Always show up on time and are well prepared for their meetings.
  • Use a scientific process to conduct their interviews.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge / information about the industry in general and the employer in particular.
  • Will address all questions in a straightforward and honest way.
  • Provide guidance and insights to candidates in regards to their resumes & interviews.


All candidates who are considered for a position are entitled to know information regarding what to expect. What are the approximate time frames for interviews, if they pass the first round what happens next etc. Our consultants will voluntarily divulge this information. As a matter of fact we encourage candidates to ask such questions:

  • How much time will the placement process take?
  • What are the time-frames that the employer has set forth?
  • What next steps are involved with the selection process?


We appreciate the fact that candidates take best decisions when they have the required time to make a well-measured decision to advance their career ahead. Thus, our consultants will never rush you into deciding or pressurize you to take up an assignment. However, some employers do impose deadlines and those will be well communicated to all prospective candidates.
JRG Partners is driven by some guiding principles. Trust is one of the most crucial principles that we follow. Our consultants are well trained to conduct themselves within the framework of our principles. Thus, your relationship as a candidate with our consultants will be one wherein trust will be imparted throughout the job search process. If you do not feel that you can trust our consultants, you may consider withdrawing your candidature. Our consultants are not just trying to fill an open position. They are also supposed to help you by trying their best to help advance your career.


Although we represent employers and in many cases have a good deal of influence in helping the employer decide whom to hire, please remember that JRG Partners is primarily responsible for presenting best-fit candidates to the prospective employers and it is they who make the final decision on whom they will hire.