7 Reasons Happy Losers Win in Sales

Winning in Sales - Happy Losers Strategy!

Success in sales career requires an uncommon mindset toward winning and losing. Some may call it sullen, yet those individuals essentially aren’t fabricated from a salesperson’s fabric. The quintessence of a successful sales representative is the fact that they’re upbeat failures. Before you yell. “I Detest LOSING!” listen to what I have to say.

Being a ‘happy loser’ doesn’t liken to enjoying losing; it’s actually very far from it. Winning salesmen comprehend – and acknowledge – that losing is part and parcel of the game. They despise it, however, they do perceive the importance of their reaction (or lack of it) to losing. How they respond to it makes expansive influences and ‘happy losers’ utilize those influences to further bolstering their performance. Losing is always unpleasant, uncomfortable and ill-favored, however, there are seven moves ‘happy losers’ make that help them stay powerful victors.

  1. Keep up a victor's attitudeKeep up a victor’s attitude – from football to baseball to sales, a champ’s mindset keeps you bullish paying little respect to your present status. When you are in the zone, you know it and you feel trust in each action. What’s more, when you’re throwing blocks – or missing many sales – you believe a point of fact; “you are due for the win.” Victor’s attitude and a belief in the foundation of your approach give the strength you need to stay in the game.
  1. Skirt the scoreboard – Everybody monitors where they rank against objectives and numbers, yet extraordinary business people maintain a strategic distance from the enticement of scoreboard viewing. When you’re doing great and you see those dollar signs mounting, it’s anything but difficult to wind up complacent – and that is precisely when the slide gets elusive. Winners know staying concentrated on the blueprint, basics, and day-to-day activities will bring about reliable and positive results.
  1. Avoid SulkingAvoid Sulking – when a major misfortune hits, do what you have to do to learn from it and proceed onward. Flip dismissal topsy-turvy and perceive that by clearing your way, the misfortune has removed a “not going to happen” out of your way and made space for you to concentrate on possibilities still in play.
  1. Hone Your Aptitudes – after a misfortune, take the appropriate time to analyze your performance. Did your presentation get off track with a sudden inquiry? Role-play with a partner (colleague) to device superior future reaction. Did you miss an open-door since you didn’t see it/act quickly? Return to your domain or marketing plan. Skills enhancement is no longer a one-time activity. It’s ceaseless, so commit.
  1. Depend on routineDepend on routine – In the event that you’ve made well organized, precise establishment of skills fundamentals – including prospecting, development, pipeline administration, planning and retention exercises – then trust in your strategy, particularly amid lean times. ‘Happy losers’ know the importance of long haul achievement results from predictable procedures and the steadfast execution of best practices and fundamental sales exercises.
  1. Evade Water Cooler Talk – Vitality breeds vitality, so encompass yourself with other winners. It’s anything but difficult to get involved with the water cooler pessimism that can twirl inside sales departments. Get away from that nonconstructive entanglement. Stay concentrated on your plans, your activities and your next win.
  1. Disregard tolerance; rehearse Tirelessness – current details uncover it takes a normal of 8 cold call endeavors to achieve a prospect, but then the normal salesman surrenders after just 2 calls. Diligence produces results. Also, nurtured leads make 50% bigger buys than non-sustained leads. What’s this let us know? Today’s business sector requires a pledge to develop relationships, building certainty and setting up quality. With regards to reaching prospects, the resolution of “only one more” can drive you from win to win.

You’re going to lose bargains. Once in a while, it’s avoidable; sometimes it’s most certainly not. Some of the time you see it coming; other times you get sucker punched. The question whether you’re going to take hits over the span of your sales career does not merit inquiring. You will keep taking hits and keep bouncing back if you are a ‘happy loser’.

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