Three ways to lead with the heart to boost employee engagement

Leading with your Heart - Boost Employee Engagement

inspiring and motivatingThe art of employee engagement is bound to be enriched with the lead of heart. When it comes to promoting employee engagement in a company, a manager’s perspective should never be deprived of trying to lead with the heart because it’s not only about keeping the employees together but also about inspiring and motivating them to work marvelously.

Lately, three major things to be kept in mind while trying to boost employee engagement by leading with the heart were mentioned by a Benefit’s pro article. Following is a comprehensive yet crisp explanation of each of the three points necessary to organize a healthy environment and maintain an amazing lead with the heart for long-term employee engagement.boost employee engagement

  • Knowing strengths and weaknesses: A manager and his working team is supposed to work in a complementary fashion. This would mean that they work together in a way in which the weaknesses are dampened by a co-worker’s strengths and the strengths are further elevated. For things to work this way, a manager is supposed to know clearly of his/her strong points and shortcomings. This will also enable him/her to be flexible about new ideas and point of views.
  • Demonstrate and live by a Clear, Compelling, and Continuous vision: For being able to succeed to make your team work effortlessly for the benefit of the company or industry, you need to have clear goals in your mind as well as plan. The determination and devotion of the employees can only be improved if the plan and future advantages of attaining the current goal are demonstrated to them in a proper way. This would inculcate a sense of betterment, confidence, strength and smartness in each one of the employees.
  • ‘Listen for Possibility’: In this point, the I stress the importance of being open to creative ideas and other possibilities put forward by the employees. It highlights the fact that an employee will only feel at home in the organized team when his/her opinions don’t go unheard and are dealt with logic as well as paid proper heed to. There’s much more to this strategy; this will also open a new horizon of ways and ideas of completing the goal for the manager and broaden his/her perspective in a healthy way.

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