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Successful Recruitment within the Pharmaceutical Industry

In co-ordination with the firms (recruiters) , we have successfully placed both executive level candidates and professional level candidates at varying senior positions in various departments and functions within the pharmaceutical industry. Our past placements speak about our performance and position us as one of the leading recruiters within the pharmaceutical recruitment arena. Call upon us to get in touch with a consultant in order to discuss your recruitment requirements. For further details kindly visit our pharmaceutical recruiters page. Listed below are some of the successful placements that we have done in the past:

Executive Director – Adaptive Design in Atlantic City, NJ based Biotech firm in Jan, 2022.
Director Reimbursement – Specialty Pharmacy at a Raleigh, NC situated Pharmaceutical Company in Dec 2021.
Senior Director – Clinical Operations with a Boston based BioPharma firm in Dec 2019.
Vice President – Regulatory Affairs & QA for a Charlotte, NC situated Pharma Company in Nov 2022.
Vice President – Commercial Operations in an NYC based BioTechnology firm in Nov 2019.
Vice President – Patient Advocacy at an Atlanta located life sciences company in Oct, 2018.
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) with a Bay Area situated BioMedical Technologies Firm in Oct 2020.
Vice President – Clinical Development (Oncology) for a Toronto based BioMedical technologies Company in Sep, 2021.
Medical Director – Clinical Development in a Michigan located Life Sciences company in Sep, 2020.

Senior Director – Market Access at a Newark, NJ situated life systems technologies firm in Aug, 2018.
Vice President – Medical Affairs with a Chicago based biomedical devices company in Aug, 2021.
Director – Medical Information for a Boston located nutraceuticals firm in July 2022.
Director – Project Management in a Toronto situated Life Sciences company in July 2020.
VP (HEOR) – Global Pricing & Reimbursement at a NYC based biotechnology company in June 2019.
Medical Affairs Director – Immunology within a Charlotte, NC located pharmaceuticals firm in June 2022.
Senior Director – Regulatory CMC for a Boston situated biomedical technologies company in May 2021.
Senior Director Oncology – Translational Medicine in a Raleigh, NC based life systems technologies firm in May 2019.
Sr. Director – Global Scientific Marketing at a Bay Area located nutraceuticals company in April 2018.
Regional Director – MSL with Atlantic City, NJ situated biomedical devices firm in April 2016.
Director – Medical Affairs for a Michigan based pharma company in Mar, 2017.
Medical Director – Safety in an Atlanta located Life Sciences firm in Mar 2022.
Director – Medical (Nephrology) at a Boston situated biotechnology company in Feb 2018.
Associate Director – Clinical Operations (Late Stage) with a Toronto based pharmaceuticals firm in Feb 2019.
Associate Director – In Vivo Pharmacologist for a USA located biomedical technologies company in Jan, 2018.
Associate Director – Regulatory Affairs in a Raleigh, NC situated life systems technologies firm in Jan, 2019.
Manager – Enrollment at a Chicago based nutraceuticals company in Dec 2020.
Senior Manager – Global Projects with an NYC located cosmeceuticals firm in Dec 2022.
Account Manager – Managed Care for a Newark, NJ situated biomedical devices company in Nov, 2021.
Manager – Specialty Accounts in a Bay Area based firm in Nov 2022.
Manager – Government Pricing at a Charlotte, NC located company in Oct 2021.
Clinical Specialist Trainer – Physical Therapy with a Boston situated firm in Oct 2020.
Sr. Manager – Clinical Trial Transparency for an Atlanta based company in Sep, 2019.
Senior MSL – Rare Orphan Diseases in the USA located firm in Sep, 2018.
Project Manager – Clinical Head at a Michigan situated company in Aug 2016.
Manager – QA (Quality Assurance) within an Atlantic City, NJ based firm in Jul 2017.
Associate Director – Business Process for an NYC located company in Jul 2020.
Associate Director – Health Economics in a Chicago situated firm in Jun 2019.
Associate Director – Medical Operations at Raleigh, NC based company in Jun 2022.
Associate Director – Medical Communications with a Jersey City, NJ located firm in May 2021.
Senior Epidemiologist for a Charlotte, NC situated company in May 2020.
Director – Medical Writing in a Boston based firm in Apr 2017.
Director – Clinical Operations at an Atlanta located company in Apr 2019.
Director – Device Safety within an NYC situated firm in Mar 2018.
Senior Manager Payer & Formulary (Medical Information) for a Trenton, NJ based company in Mar 2016.

Hire Us for Your Pharmaceutical Recruitment Needs

The above list a portrayal of our capabilities in placement of executives within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Over the years, we have specialized and gained expertise in placement of executives within the right jobs with leading pharma companies. If you are looking for agencies who can assist in “best fitting” talent search, look not further. Hire us, communicate your requirement by forwarding us the job description (along with salary structure) of the vacancies in your organization and our consultant(s) will instantly start working on your requirement. For more details please visit our Executive Recruiting – Pharmaceutical Recruiters page.

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