JRG Partners specializes in SAP recruitment. Our SAP recruitment consultants team-up with firms of all sizes to place the most talented SAP professionals across the United States and Canada. If you are an experienced SAP professional looking for best SAP jobs or if you are a company looking to hire the best SAP talent, JRG Partners can help. While we are a relatively new name in SAP recruitment, we have been providing expert SAP placement and recruitment services since 2001. We house an expert team of SAP recruiters who help deliver best-fit candidates to our clients. We have access to a database of around 280,000 registered SAP professionals and consultants. Our SAP recruitment services encompass a full range of placement for SAP products and software.

Information Technology and SAP

SAP is a German abbr which stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung”. When translated into English, it means: “Systems, Applications, and Products for Data Processing”. In layman language, SAP can be defined to represent: An integrated business software that can be used to process all functions within an organization and obtain unified solutions and results. Today many small and large organizations use SAP products to run their businesses smoothly.

SAP applications are currently being built around their latest R/3 (the “R” stands for “real-time data processing”) system, provide the capability to manage finance, asset, cost accounting, production operations and materials, personnel, plants, and archived documents. The R/3 system runs on a number of platforms including Windows and UNIX and uses the client/server model. The latest version of R/3 includes a comprehensive Internet-enabled package. SAP uses ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) which is a 4th Generation Programming Language.

Challenges while Recruiting SAP Professionals

While, Technical skills of average SAP professionals may be improving, SAP consultants need to ensure that they bridge their technical skills with the business world. This is one of the most serious challenges that SAP recruiters face. Firms need a well-rounded talent of SAP executives who can play their role as team members within the broader framework. While more and more junior SAP professionals bring to the fore very solid technical skills, many lack the communication skills and the navigation subtleties of business processes.

Thus, there is a need to find SAP professionals with the best technical skills coupled with a solid business background or experience. JRG Partners and it’s SAP recruiters clearly understand and appreciate the importance of experienced SAP professionals and have been successfully placing SAP executives within firms all across the US. We have been continually helping such experienced talent in their SAP job search and placement.

Our SAP Recruitment Process

Over the years, with experience, we have devised methods and questionnaires that help us streamline recruitment of SAP professionals. Every professional and job seeker needs to go through a set of two technical interviews which they need to pass even before they are shortlisted for further screening. The technical interviews are devised keeping in mind the technical skill-sets required for the position in question.

The first one is a general IT related interview wherein the questions are selected keeping in mind the IT skills that are needed for the position. The second interview is more detailed and relates only to SAP application and helps us understand the quality of skills the candidate possesses. Only candidates who pass both the interviews with satisfactory results are shortlisted.

Our Expert SAP Recruitment Consultants

We house expert SAP recruiters. Our experienced recruitment consultants match the best-fit candidates to the job in question. Our recruitment consultants are driven by our company’s laid down guidelines and policies and ensure that only befitting candidates are shortlisted for interview with the employers. One of the key features that differentiate our consultants from other SAP recruiters is our timely search and placement of talent.

At the core of our IT and SAP placement services lies our commitment to provide talented IT professionals in a timely manner. We have been successfully placing SAP professionals all over the US, kindly visit our recent SAP placements page to see our past placements.

Our SAP Recruitment Reach

We completely understand the importance of the best SAP team. In comparison to other SAP recruitment firms, JRG Partners is equipped with consultants who are well trained to listen to and understand your specific needs. Not only are we proficient in recruiting SAP professionals we also house one of the best IT recruitment team. Our recruitment team and our experience in IT recruitment differentiate us from other IT and SAP recruiters.

Our specialist recruitment team constantly reaches out to SAP professionals with the right job openings. Since last 15 years, we have placed candidates with many companies across all industries within the US and Canada. Some of the key SAP positions that we have successfully placed candidates for include: SAP Trainers, SAP Developers, SAP Program Managers, SAP Project Managers, SAP Consultants. Our extensive client list includes small, medium, large and many fortune 500 companies.

Our SAP recruitment Specialization

Although we have been recruiting SAP talent all across the SAP spectrum, our recruitment consultants specialize in the placement of executives for SAP HCM and SAP HANA. Recruitment for both these functions needs special skills which we have mastered over the years with so many successful placements:

SAP – HCM (HR) Recruitment

This module helps firms implement best HR practices over the length and breadth of the organization. Thus the need for SAP HCM executives over the years is on the rise. Firms appreciate the importance and benefits of hiring a specialist SAP HCM executive who is well versed with all the capabilities of the SAP HCM module and can help them implement SAP – HCM within their organization culture.

Thus, an SAP HCM specialist should possess complete software expertise and prior experience in implementing the module successfully. JRG Partners has one of the best SAP HCM recruitment team and have been placing professionals across companies in different industries successfully.

SAP – HANA Recruitment

HANA stands for “high-performance analytic appliance”. It’s a technical term and put simply, it refers to the SAP module which helps firms implement real-time analytics and for developing real-time apps. From time to time, a companies may need changes in the way their data is analyzed or may even need development of new applications. This is where SAP HANA comes handy and there is a need for a specialist SAP HANA developer.

Thus, SAP HANA programmers need to be expert in programming for the HANA module on the one hand and should possess strong communication skills to understand and implement the data analytics and application development needs. JRG Partners houses one of the most comprehensive and updated SAP HANA programmers’ database. We have expert SAP HANA recruitment team and have successfully placed programmers within firms across the US.

Apart from SAP HCM and SAP HANA, our recruitment consultants deliver candidates to clients across a full spectrum of SAP software and products including:

SAP Database & Technology:

  • Business Process Integration & Management
  • SAP Application Foundation
  • SAP Application Security
  • Content Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Warehousing & Database Management
  • In-Memory Computing (HANA)
  • Enterprise Information Management

SAP Mobility Applications:

  • Mobile Applications
  • MADP (SAP Mobile Platform)
  • Mobile based Commerce Solutions
  • Managed Mobility

SAP Business Applications:

  • SAP Business Suite
  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Life-cycle Management

SAP Business Analytics:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Applied Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Governance & Risk Compliance

Hire Us for all your SAP Recruitment Needs

Equipped with one of the best SAP recruitment team and with so many successful past placements, JRG partners is clearly the preferred choice when it comes to SAP talent search and recruitment. Our exceptional team of professional recruiters and past records sets us apart from other SAP recruiters. Get in touch with us and initiate a conversation with one of our SAP recruiters to discuss your requirements or, alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will ensure to touch base with you soon.