Answering the Five Most Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Almost all interview queries posed by companies are constructed identically. However, numerous job applicants fail to take advantage of this popular fact and organize upfront. We comprehend that no level of preparation will imitate the real moment where a panel of suited-up unknown people are eyeballing you dubiously. However, when you know enough regarding the organization you have applied to and completely prepared yourself, the meeting should not be a challenging aspect of the process.

Here are several of the most common interview questions and the best ways to reply to them:

First verry Common Interview Question: Tell us about yourself?

Describing self in an interview.This is a difficult question in disguise. Interviewers are usually interested in answers that highlight your capabilities and character traits. So the secret is to line-up your answer using the job outline.

The idea is to offer a “pitch”. Make the answer concise and interesting. You may include your capabilities, encounters and/or appropriate character traits. Below is an example:

“Well, I am at present a freelance photographer for XXX Company. In the recent 12 months, I’ve been given projects for {number of} many top paying clients including Company Names. I also enjoy to paint or drawing during my spare time. I desired to transform my interests into a full-time, stable occupation and that’s why I applied here {firm name}”

2. What are your strengths?

Describing your strengths in an interview.


You are likely to desire to brag in response to this query. Probably the most difficult aspect of this question will be the level of modesty within your answer. It’s ideal to exhibit confidence in this answer and incorporate just those talents that are appropriate to the position on hand. This may include social abilities, conversation skills, leadership skills, and others. Adhere to simply two or three strong points and elaborate with solid examples. For instance:

“I am an expert salesperson with more than 5 years experience in retail selling. I’m extremely convincing and great with people. I exceed my sales target every time. No year went by wherein I couldn’t get a bonus.”


3. What are your weaknesses?

Explaining your weaknesses in an interview.This, for most, is the most feared question. Showcasing your “weak points” while you’re wanting to give out a favorable impression is contradictory. Think of something that’s been your weakness for many years but you’re currently trying to improve on. Don’t try to make it an ability that is necessary for the job at hand. For example:

“Procrastination was a problem for me for a very long time. Nevertheless, lately, I acquired a program that helped conquer this problem with the help of scheduling. Nowadays, I try to organize everything in advance.”



4. Why do you want this job?

We hate to state this, however, you can not always be sincere and upfront regarding all the factors for applying for the job. Employers want to hear anything that benefits both you and them. So, even if you applied because of the compensation package, the “prestige” of the company, or something that entirely benefits you, set it away and come up with some thing that benefits both parties. Here is an example:

“this task is an ideal match with my objectives and career. I have had adequate experience in the creative sphere and right now I’m quite passionate regarding {job}…”

5. Precisely why should we hire you?

Again, this question will need a pitch providing an answer that may incorporate the answer from the 1st question (tell me about yourself) plus the second (what are your strengths).

This is the essence of all inquiries, though they will not always be phrased in these exact terms. Overall, you have to convince your interviewer that…

  • Firstly, ensure that your experience, skills, and character match the job
  • That you have the ability to provide exceptional work in that field
  • You stand away from the masses

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