Are Employers and Recruiters Checking Social Media

Are Employers and Recruiters Checking Social Media?

Is your online networking impression employer friendly? With over 90% of all managers checking online networking (Facebook, LinkedIn & twitter) to screen potential job applicants, as per exploration from Reppler and Lab42, your past (and present) adventures may not be as “covered up” as you would want them to be. When examining a candidate’s resume, around half (47%) of all employers and recruiters check online networking profiles to assess a candidate’s identity and character. More than 60% of employers have rejected applicants based on information / feedback they get from their social media profiles.

More Employers are Going Social

More Employers are Going SocialFor organizations that do utilize online networking to screen hires, sixty-five percent do so to check if a job applicant is professionally presented on social media as indicated by a study directed by Harris Intuitive. More than half of all companies (fifty-one percent) do so to understand the compatibility of the candidate with their organization. Different purposes behind bosses observing online networking include “to check whether the applicant is balanced” and – conceivably most troubling for would-be employees – “to search for reasons not to procure the candidate.”

Over the past five years, we have watched online networking profiles assume an undeniably critical role in both the recruitment and hiring process. As of late, I worked with a mid-level executive and was amazed to find the not-appropriate for-work photographs the candidate had posted on Facebook. Moreover, this person was accepting friend requests from colleagues, which implied everybody at the firm could access these improper photographs prompting working environment reputation. That is a distinct online networking slip!

So, What Should Candidates Do?

What Should Candidates DoWhether you’re dependent on Instagram or just infrequently update LinkedIn, as a job seeker, this is what you have to think about recruiters and online networking:

Regard social media as your computerized image. Your computerized image goes past your LinkedIn page and Facebook profile. Make sure that Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so forth are free from conceivably humiliating pictures and affiliations. Bring down anything that a business would consider inappropriate. While tidying up your online networking profile(s), keep in mind to rapidly Google yourself. You might be astounded by what you find in the SERPs (search result pages)!

Try not to be imperceptible. Job seekers who are undetectable online might be at generally as incredible a weakness as occupation seekers with unprofessional social networking profiles. Support your own image by fortifying proficient affiliations, sharing your skill and taking part in valuable online dialog.

Be an industry thought pioneer. In the event that you share content freely on online networking, make certain that this data attempts further bolstering your good prospects. Offer substance that emphatically showcases your expert achievements and capabilities. Minister intriguing and pertinent substance – and make sure to share your own remarks or experiences when posting this material.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Using Social Media to Your AdvantageIncredible things on online networking can work to support you. Truth be told, 68% of organizations studied by Reppler and Lab42 report offering candidates jobs in light of something positive they saw about them on online networking and social media.

As social media gains more acceptance and popularity, one can be rest assured that in future, more recruiters will join the bandwagon, to evaluate both; the candidature and get insights that will help them take a hire decision.

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