Candidate-Driven Market and Recruitment in 2016

Recruitment tips for recruiter - 2016 and beyond

Three Smart Employment Techniques

Intelligent companies are taking note of an increasingly obvious employment tendency: as applicants drive today’s job market, large numbers of candidates are handling numerous offers. My function being a professional recruiter gave me a first-hand view of the shifting landscape of the job search. Continually, I realize that managers who are informed on the industry and competitive in their talent search are great top talent. Recruiters can be valuable business partners in your hiring strategy: we understand what motivates candidates on the market. Additionally, we are often mindful of other potential offers, and perhaps know what your competitors are bringing to the negotiation table.

Utilize these industry observations to your advantage! Give your talent search an advantage with these 3 employing strategies.

Effective interviewing will work for the company.

Effective Interviewing
Progressively, interviewers are interviewing quickly and making offers early. If you are really serious about hiring standout talent, streamline your interview techniques. Organizations who drag their feet, allow too much time elapse in between interviews and require several meetings before making an offer allow the competitors the advantage of time. On the other hand, when firms make employing decisions successfully, early offers may persuade applicants to strike a deal.


You get what you spend for.

You Get What You Spend ForThis straightforward point may appear self-evident – but repeatedly, I see interviewers naively looking for excellent talent with unexceptional pay packages. When you find a candidate who is ideal for the role, you need to offer something that is head turning, not just competitive. In relation to excellent candidates, do not presume that your particular offer may be the only one on the table. Consider whether investing more in the short term on base salary, incentives, or rewards and benefits might bring the company higher value over time.


Employment branding is more than a mission statement.

Employment BrandingProgressively, candidates are prioritizing work-life balance and a favorable company culture. They won’t be dazzled by a fancy website and modern office lobby – they need to view how your firm’s ideals are genuinely mirrored in its community and professional environment. You require knowing why your firm is a fantastic place for working and echo that information in the employment brand. During the interview procedure, show candidates why your office has a beneficial, vibrant culture. Describe benefits and opportunities for professional advancement. Assist the candidate view why he or she could be an excellent fit with your company.

The present candidate-driven scenario can be a challenge to companies. The good thing, though, is that there’s so much great talent nowadays. Adjust your hiring strategies to reflect the times, and you will draw in the star performers and create the value of your workforce. We at JRG Partners house one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date US candidate database and can assist your firm in searching for the right talent with the right kind of skills. Get in touch with one of our recruitment consultants to further discuss your requirements.

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