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How to use Facebook for Professional Networking

How to Use Facebook for Professional Networking

Image Credit: Alexey Boldin / The Multifacet use of Facebook for Networking You are missing up on a lot if you think that Facebook is solely for sharing some pretty pictures from your latest trip or vacation with your friends. Facebook can help you in multiple ways, even for professional networking. Why use Facebook […]

Going Up: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Going Up? You should perfect your elevator pitch!

Perfect Elevator Pitch – An Avenue to Success Each and every sales technique, product marketing, and advertising has a specific influential way of making an impact that bounds the listener to hear what it has to offer to leave an impression in only a matter of seconds to few minutes that ‘Communication Bridge‘ is what […]

Great People Make Great Companies

Great People Make Great Companies

The 4 Elements That Make Great Company Culture “Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game- it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value”. Lou Gerstner-Jr.IBM On the business blogs and management related articles, the word ‘Company Culture’ is often highlighted. […]

An Introvert’s Guide to Success in Networking

An Introvert's Guide to Successful Networking

Just receiving an invitation to a networking event can be enough to increase stress levels and elicit a sense of dread in an introverted professional. If you’re an introvert who constantly avoids networking events, however, you’re passing up on some very nice opportunities. In my experience, while matching talented professionals with leading companies, I’ve observed […]

Three ways to lead with the heart to boost employee engagement

Leading with your Heart - Boost Employee Engagement

The art of employee engagement is bound to be enriched with the lead of heart. When it comes to promoting employee engagement in a company, a manager’s perspective should never be deprived of trying to lead with the heart because it’s not only about keeping the employees together but also about inspiring and motivating them […]