Resumes That Get You Hired: Tips from The Pros

Professional Resume Making Tips:

Making your own resume is a tough job because of the magnitude of trickiness this work boasts. You have a personal connection to information and you would like to add things to your resume according to your past experiences but a resume that is strong enough to get you a job might just have other points in more limelight. With that, the writing style needed to write down your achievements and professional experiences in a resume ought to be known.

The types of resume blunders a person is prone to making knows no bounds. The more adept or skilled a person is in his/her field, more difficult it is to figure out what to write in a resume and what not to write in there. However, labeling resume making a Sisyphean task is going to be entirely wrong. As an executive research consultant, I have made three major guiding points to eradicate the possibility of most common blunders found in resumes:

1. Quantify your accomplishments:

Quantify your accomplishmentsUsing bullet points for providing details in your resume helps you things clear and crisp and the readers appreciate the importance of your achievements more easily. Apart from using bullet points for a pleasing and more organized presentation style, instead of writing something vague like “organized a marketing conference” which, will not function as effectively as quantifying the point in terms of numbers of people who attended the conference, the scale it was at, the different ways you used to better organize it; would leave a better impression on the employer or manager interviewing you. Consider writing something like – ‘Organized a conference of 90 people for two working days which produced a marketing boost of 11% over the span of six months”.

2. Highlight Your Success at The Top:

Highlight Your Success at The TopAlways remember that the top one-third part of the resume is where the reader is most focused and concentrating a lot. This is a known fact, especially to recruiters. Thus, this is the most crucial real estate on a resume. Do not waste this section in lengthy sentences stating what you are and what you want to be. You should focus on this section and utilize it in order to populate the most important and impactful content. Utilize this space by jotting down your major 3-5 achievements in your field by making a small profile section or achievements’ summary. A summary which will portray and highlight your most important USP features to attract and maintain interest in you.

3. Customizing for the Particular Job Opening:

Customizing for the Particular Job OpeningYes, you heard it right! A custom resume for each job position you apply for. It may sound both surprising and difficult to do. This is often ignored by job-seekers and most of the times, they forward the same resume everywhere. Highlighting different skills sets for different jobs can be very beneficial. This kind of differentiation can help you getting considered for the job in particular as against other people. Thus, if you want to differentiate yourself from other candidates in the eyes of the head-hunter or employer, modify your resume accordingly. Change the sequence of bullet points according to the requirements and preferences of the company. Change the keywords in your introduction according to the ones mentioned in the job requirement. The higher and more responsible position you are applying for the more modifications and changes you need to make to tailor your resume to match the job profile. It would do wonders, trust me.

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